Move Over Dr.Phil : A New Book Reveals The Untold, True Story of Passionate Love

Andre and Marina Soumiatin have officially put the relationship experts on notice: They have created an interactive.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – Branson – Andre and Marina Soumiatin have officially put the relationship experts on notice: They have created an interactive, “Wiki-style” project in which people’s feedback, commentary and questions directly affect the outcome of a book entitled “Timeless Love Pyramid- 5 Essential Steps to Keep Your Passion”. This book teaches how to keep passion in a marriage for a life time. People are sharing their love stories and expressing their feelings on what they want to read.

People are raving about their experiences:

“I just read your first chapter on and it gave me this warm tingly feeling all through my body! When most of the people you know are un-happily married, your stories are SO encouraging that what I seek IS OUT THERE FOR ME!!! Soul mate love is NOT just a fantasy! I'm so inspired! Thank you.”

Julia Sansone

“I finally got a chance to read it... OMG... you got my heart beating so fast... and thank you!!! What a joy and inspiration to read your love story. Keep it coming. Stay in love!!! Stay inspired.”

Tess Vergara

“I love your story! What a vivid illustration that Why fuels the How. What an amazing love story! And I love the way you illustrate the strength of the relationship using the love wall, the friend wall, etc. I want to read more!”

Becky Stone

People have often asked Andre and Marina how they kept their passion for almost thirty years, and they replied:

“Step one, we laid a strong, rock-solid foundation in the form of Commitment to each other, and then in steps 2-4, we built three walls: Compassionate Spouse, Best Friend and Passionate Lover. It formed a strong structure that withstands many storms – a Love Pyramid.

And finally, step five is the one that we think is the most important step of them all. This step is performed all through the construction of our pyramid. It’s repeated over and over and over again. It’s called Connection-without the connection we cannot build a relationship or even commit to it. Connection holds everything together; just as strong concrete holds together the walls of the pyramid.”

Andre and Marina challenge themselves to write one chapter every ten days and post it on The goal is to have it complete in three months! It’s amazing that thousands of people are active witnesses and participants of their development and keep them accountable for completing the book on July 2013. Comments, suggestions and stories will help couples to make their relationship better.

As Andre Soumiatin added, “Our book has done the relationship industry one better. Where most experts in this field claim that passionate love does not exist after a few years of marriage, our collaborative book provides evidence and inspiration that passionate love can be kept in a marriage for a life time.”

“Timeless Love Pyramid- 5 Essential steps to Keep Your Passion” had identified several key steps most important to married couples when it comes to keeping their passion to each other.

• Commit to be strong, supportive spouses to each other and share the burden of financial and domestic responsibilities.
• Commit to be compassionate lovers, which is having sexual satisfaction and keeping themselves attractive to each other.
• Commit to be best friends.

These commitments in marriage are just part of an entire solution of how to keep passion in marriage for a life time.

The complete, step-by-step solution will be fully explained and illustrated by their true love story in “Timeless Love Pyramid- 5
Essential steps to Keep Your Passion” and it’s available on

Andre and Marina Soumiatin have been happily married for almost thirty years. Their love story is the basis for their critically acclaimed theatrical performance at Yakov’s Dinner Adventure and won the Best Dinner Show of the Year award in Branson, MO.

Andre Soumiatin is co-founder of Marriage Improvement Tools, LLC, who are the creators of the Relationship Health Score Assessment. Marriage Improvement Tools, LLC, headquartered in Springfield, MO, and their co-founders have over 35 years of combined clinical experience helping couples to better relationships.

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