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Internationally acclaimed leader Sherry Strothers guides the way to Smudge Free Leadership today at www.sherrystrothers,com.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – San Diego – SAN DIEGO – Internationally acclaimed leader Sherry Strothers guides the way to Smudge Free Leadership today at www.sherrystrothers,com. A powerful speaker who sets the international standard for developing and promoting leadership techniques for women, Sherry Strothers is The Lipstick Leader ™ and her tools and voice and your success, are within reach today.
Strothers guides professional women to where they want to be in work and in life. Women are important, powerful, knowledgeable and skilled, Strothers uses career development, speaking, consulting and leadership tools of all types to help women realize their full leadership potential.
With a distinguished career in the United States Navy and one of 30 internationally recognized women leaders and career development specialists selected to contribute to the book “How To Break the Glass Ceiling Without a Hammer, Career Strategies for Women,” published by Professional Woman Publishing, Strothers is an acclaimed personal career consultant and trainer. A Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach, who belongs to the National Speakers Association (NSA), Professional Woman Network (PWN), the Woman’s Speakers Association (WSA), and Toastmasters International, Strothers is an expert at change through leadership, empowerment for women and workplace diversity.
“Strength in the Struggle, Charting Your Path For Personal Success” by Sherry Strothers is her first book and touches on all her areas of expertise drawing from her vast professional, academic and life experience to develop a plan to help readers achieve their professional and personal goals. The book is a guide to success available for everyone today through
An accomplished speaker, Strothers can also be contacted for speaking engagements and interviews through her Web site – She is a recognized expert in Educational Instruction and Strategic Planning, Team Building and Leadership, Professional Training and Development and Solutions Development among others and her presentations are lively, information-packed sessions that will improve the leadership and self-empowerment of anyone.
Strothers is the President and CEO of Sherry Strothers Enterprises; she has a Master Degree in Business Administration and Information Technology Management, and a Bachelor Degree in Management and Technology. In 2005 Strothers was selected, from all eligible United States Navy officers, as Vice Chief of Naval Operations Shore Sailor of the Year and is still an active member of the United States Navy today. As a speaker Strothers teaches individuals and teams to engage in proven leadership techniques, using simple and effective tools she has developed throughout her career and life. Her high-energy presentations focus on bold, but practical, visions, open communication, effective leadership boundaries, realistic goals and achieving balance with all the methods and techniques necessary.
To schedule and interview with Strothers or to arrange for her to present to your group you can visit and e-mail her at
"The Lipstick Leader. Leadership should be Smudge free."
Sherry Strothers is an experienced, passionate and energetic personal career consultant and trainer. Strothers is a decorated Navy officer who has been a leader at all levels, she is a Lipstick Leader whose leadership doesn’t smudge. The Lipstick leader does not have just a purse, she has a toolkit of skills and techniques for success. She is a strong woman with accessories like intelligence, confidence and knowledge. Strothers wears her skills proudly and unabashedly, and she is confident leading people forward to success. Her skill kit for women leaders is essential to being a successful woman. Contact Strothers for speaking engagements and learn more at