Short Run Macroeconomics:A Global Macroeconomics Education Initiative

Area of Focus:Macroeconomic Monitoring,Outlook and Inflation.
This initiative, the first of its kind, is about ‘macroeconomics for the short run’ in a ‘real world,’ ‘open economy’ and ‘global’ context – for professionals, managers, investors and students across the globe.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – New Delhi, India – Short Run Macroeconomics
('Macroeconomics for the Short Run’-A Global Macroeconomics Education Initiative)

Purpose of this Initiative:
Traditionally macroeconomics has been divided into the short run and the long run.Since economic instability and uncertainty are on the ascendant, the 'short run' has now become more important than ever.Macroeconomic volatility in the 'short run' is making macroeconomic management, business planning, investment and commercial decision making ever more challenging, due to its overarching influence on them.This makes it imperative for professionals, managers, investors and students across the globe to comprehend the macroeconomic environment and possess the ability to monitor economies, analyze their short run economic outlook and correctly interpret macroeconomic data for sound decision making.To empower or enable them to do so - in a commercial/business/practical setting without using overly complex techniques - I am in the process of disseminating knowledge(i.e.a practical ‘tool-kit’) for the aforesaid purpose.

For the 12 constituents of the practical 'tool-kit,' please refer to:

Relevant macroeconomic theory, graphics/charts, macroeconomic data analysis,basics of applied time series econometrics techniques and financial markets related information will be duly explained. Developed and developing world perspectives will be given.

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Sher Sinha Mehta
Senior Macroeconomist and Economics Writer
Short Run Macroeconomics