Facebook vs. Twitter For Business Social Media Marketing Strategy Analysis

SEO Social Media marketing strategy firm compares Facebook vs. Twitter for business applications, strategies and potential benefits.

Online PR News – 23-May-2010 – – SEO Social Media Marketing firm compares Facebook verse Twitter to determine their Social Media Marketing strategies, applications and benefits. The three month long study focused on the Social Media marketing benefits of Twitter and Facebook in categories that include viral marketing, business to business, business to consumer, Internet market research, social networking and niche marketing. The research involved tracking the results of multiple accounts, case studies and direct feedback. What follows is a listing of the findings of this study.

According to Irbtrax SEO, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Mobile Media Optimization (MMO) and Internet marketing founder Scott Moir who's firm engaged in this study- "Our intention wasn't to declare which is better because they both provide valuable Social Media marketing benefits. The objective was to try and determine which of the two Social Media platforms was the best fit for a particular business application or niche."

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Due to the volume of information Irbtrax has arranged the findings in the below links. Findings that answer key questions such as:

Which yields greater Business to Consumer or Business to Business results?
Does it make any difference if the market is regional, national or global?
How important is market research to current and continued success?
Is the target audience wireless device (Smart phone) dependent?
Is interactivity an important factor for a particular product or service?
How does one measure the results in a quantifiable or justifiable manner?
How does one discover and leverage existing opportunities and current trends?
Which Social Media platforms are potential clients using and why does this matter?

For an outline of the benefits of Facebook verse Twitter based on seven different user and traffic measurements visit:


In the above study Facebook was determined to have an advantage in four of the seven categories researched.

For an outline of the benefits of Twitter verse Facebook for traffic generation, viral marketing, social interactivity, real time results and market research visit:


In the above study Twitter was determined to have an advantage in four of the seven categories researched.

For an outline of the business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) benefits of Facebook verse Twitter visit:


In the above study Twitter was found to be the optimal first choice for most Business to Business applications while Facebook was found to be the optimal first choice for most Business to Consumer strategies.

The research concluded that businesses and online entrepreneurs wishing to maximize their Social Media Internet marketing results benefited from creating a presence on both. However, when trying to decide which one to engage first or where to spend the most amount of available time- results indicated that it's necessary to perform Internet Market research and apply the findings to the intended target market. After which one can weigh the unique benefits of each platform against this research resulting in clear objectives and an optimized campaign. The study also concluded that SEO combined with Social Media Marketing will yield greater potential results

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