Dirty Dishes App Gets Men Off The Couch And Into The Kitchen!

The new android app 'Dirty Dishes' is achieving the impossible - getting reluctant males to cook. Albeit with a twist.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – New York, New York – How many women would do anything to get their man into the kitchen?

Thankfully the new Google android app 'Dirty Dishes' is achieving such a feat.

So how does it work? Users pay 99c, download the app and begin one of the simple recipes. As the user clicks on the directions, they are rewarded in a wonderfully surprising way. If they get through the entire recipe – BOOM!

In short, Men get to look at scantily clad women, while their wives get a meal on the table - for once!

The team behind 'Dirty Dishes' are at pains to point out this is not an R18 app. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Each developer needed their wive's and girlfriend's buy-in to get the app off the ground. The result was an app that kept both sexes happy.

'Dirty Dishes' - Putting the Men in Menu since 2013.