Author of Celibacy’s Child, Lisa B. Overton to Appear on AZTV’s Morning Scramble Show Tuesday

Tune in this Tuesday to AZTV's Morning Scramble!

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – Phoenix, Arizona – Lisa B. Overton is opening up and telling the world about her life as the child of a forbidden love affair. This moving story details her experience growing up as the child of a Roman Catholic priest and an ex-nun who entered into a 30+ year clandestine love affair.

She tells the poignant story of her childhood and how she survived loneliness, shame and hypocrisy in her parents’ painful and secretive shadow and how she eventually forgave them both. She never knew who her father was until finally, on her mother’s death bed Lisa asked, “Was Uncle my father?” It tells the tale of a forbidden love and the child who was

Celibacy is a spiritual requisite for Priests of the Catholic religion. The law of celibacy is not considered to be a doctrine, but rather a discipline to abstain from all sexual intercourse and marriage. It is believed to be purifying and to strengthen their connection with faith.

The celibacy laws of the church were very clear, stating that any priest who strayed from the strict rules would be banned from priesthood, which is why he never told her his true identity. He simply was known as “Uncle.”

"I wrote this book, not with malice towards the Catholic church, but with the hope that one day Rome will remove celibacy from it's doctrine. The stigma of shame that infected my mother's life as well as my own, came at a horrific price for both of us.”

Lisa is going on AZTV’s Morning Scramble show with Pat McMahon on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, airing at 8:00am to discuss her new book. Celibacy’s Child is available on amazon at and has a Facebook page where you can receive updates of events taking place
You can stream the show live at and check out AZTV’s Facebook page at,

This is a story of family bonds and forgiveness. It was written for families to offer hope and repair trespasses against one another. It is especially good for daughters and mothers.