Indian Pet Store has added Himalaya Liv 52 Vet Liquid in their Dog Supplement segment

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Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – Pune, Maharashtra, india – Indian Pet Store, Pune,India - Indian Pet Store recently added a new product in their dog supplement segment, Himalaya Liv 52 Vet Liquid 100 ml. Himalaya Liv 52 Vet Liquid is a Dog Supplement recommended by thousands of pet vet to promote liver health of pets. If you purchase it now you will get a good discount and free shipping also.

The advantages of using Himalaya Liv 52 Vet Liquid are so many such as it is an appetite stimulant that increases and restores appetite in animals. It also has hepatoprotective action, helps to stabilize hepatic cell membrane, promotes repair and regeneration of the liver, protects liver from toxins, drugs and chemicals. It enhances protein building in liver cells.

This wonderful herbal product is brought to you by Himalaya, a leading herbal product manufacturer from India. This is a combination of few medicinal herbs such as

Himsra, Kasani, Kakamachi, Arjuna, Kasamarda, Jhavuka, and Biranjasipha which cures different liver disease naturally.

“Himalaya Liv 52 Vet Liquid is the best herbal product for pets to protect and promote liver health. It also gives protection from liver diseases such as ascites, jaundice, and cirrhosis of the liver”.

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Live 52 gives best results if used as supportive therapy to treat liver disease as like antibiotic and antiparasitic drug therapy. This helps to get rid of Toxicity associated with drugs and pesticides. So overall this is the ideal product for your pet.

Hurry up and buy Himalaya Liv 52 Vet Liquid at, with discounted price and avail numerous health benefits.

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