Jumboforums, Not Just a Simple Forum

A new kind of forum has been launched, with a new approach and the goal of being one of the largest online communities for all ages and all interest.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – Los Angeles – Internet forums, originated from bulletin boards, have been a way to share, ask, consult and comment about almost every topic since 1994, when the first web based forum was created. Thousands of forums exist with a huge number of topics. In general, they have characterized for addressing specific topics like video games, sports, music, religion and more, or by being completely off topic.

The relevance and usage of forums have been on a constant growing throughout the years. The term "forum" is sometimes changed for "community" as users introduce themselves to each other and create a sense a community.

A new big forum has been launched this month, Jumboforums.com, with a totally new approach, with the goal of turning itself to a large community for all ages and all interest. Jumboforums.com, as the slogan says "discuss everything in one place", offers a large range of different topics, including dating, fitness, tech, celebrities, sports, movies, gaming, business, jobs, auto, music, religion and more. It also includes a forum for "Way Off Topic" discussions. The main idea is to have a place where you can discuss your hobbies and interest, but at the same time ask, consult or comment about any other topic, all in the same place. It also has a few adult forums under the sleeves.

Some might think that forums have to be about specific topics, but having all the topics in the same place, it creates even a more sense of community as it groups people with different interest.

Pablo, Jumbo Forums administrator, in its first announcement says that they are gathering known and experienced people in specific topics to be the first moderators for some of their forums like health and fitness, sports, music and more. They are also offering moderator status to some of the first 100 registered users with proven knowledge of their different topics.

In its first few days, dozens of users have registered and have started to post, signaling that it will start growing in short time.