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CSS training courses offered by DevelopIntelligence instills web developers with beneficial knowledge of creating leading edge, disruptive web-based applications in completely customized instructor-led courses.

Online PR News – 23-April-2013 – Boulder, CO - April 2, 20133 – Learning the application of Cascading Style Sheets is an important and awarding skill for web developers to obtain and DevelopIntelligence offers a variety of courses to teach the basic and more advanced concepts required to becoming a CSS master.

Learning and Mastering CSS
The Web Development Cascading Style Sheets training is designed to grow web developers’ knowledge, learning to make web site presentations and layouts easier. To begin the enhancement of knowledge for CSS, DevelopIntelligence offers an introduction to CSS training course. This course studies how CSS is layered onto semantic, standards-based HTML. The purpose is to apply design techniques to HTML with CSS rules. Duration of this course lasts 3 days with a hands-on learning technique. CSS3 concepts and functionality will also be covered in the layout of this course. From here, a CSS web developer can take the Migrating to CSS3 course. This course teaches web developers how to create compelling user interfaces by fonts, layouts, animations, and transformations. After understanding and applying CSS3 concepts to a web site, an advanced course in CSS is offered to help create web sites with Extensible Hypertext Markups Language (XHTML) and CSS. Advanced CSS concepts such as positioning, page layout, working with boxes and etc. will be taught in-depth. All courses are comprised of in-depth instructor-led workshops.

Benefits of Applying and Learning CSS
Applying Cascading Style Sheets is a way to separate a document’s structure from its presentation. CSS provides a much richer and cleaner document appearance than the traditional HTML format. Not to mention, CSS saves web developers’ valuable time. The compact file size also allows web pages to load quickly. The CSS eliminates the troubles of manually writing code into document structures, for example, font tags. With technology changing every day CSS is vital to apply when developing web sites in order to maintain and expand web pages to assure they work with all variety of web browsers and mobile devices.

Why Develop Intelligence
DevelopIntelligence is the only technical training company to deliver completely customized courses based on the project and people. With the use of customization courses users will retain more in less time and be able to apply information learned in the office. Since 1994 DevelopIntelligence has been developing web sites and web applications. It specializes in providing dedicated, role-based, Web Development Training courses to technical teams and organizations. Engineers at over 70 percent of top ranked internet software companies such as: AOL, eBay, and Yahoo, have used DevelopedIntelligence to learn java script, PHP, Ruby, HTML5, and CSS3.

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