Free Online Storage Service "Mega" is Launched
04/22/2013 provides 512GB of storage space for automatic online storage at no annual fee. An unlimited storage plan is also available for only €99 per year.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – London – launched an online storage service today. It offers 512 GB of free space for online storage, which can be upgraded to "Unlimited Space" for only €99 per year.
Giving more details about the backup service, a company spokesman said that the service is very easy to use. "Create an account in less than 30 seconds and download the Mega software and install it. Once installed, the software automatically starts backing up your files to our safe and secure servers," he said.

Though none of the services offered by Mega are new technology, however, the prices at which Mega offers them are totally unheard of. Crashplan, one of the leaders in the online storage market, offers an unlimited plan for $149 per year. However, 95% of computer users will never use more than about 300GB of space for their backups and therefore can use Mega's free 512 GB plan. If they need more space, they can always go unlimited with the €99/$129 per year plan which is still 14% cheaper than Crashplan.

Similarly, the market leader in the cloud storage market,, charges $49.99/month or $499/year for only 500GB of space. Whereas Mega is offering 512 GB of storage for a one time setup fee of only €5/$6.50. Power users can buy unlimited storage space for only €99/$129 per year. Similar to Dropbox, Mega has mobile apps, for all the leading handsets including iOS, Android & Windows Phone which can be used to stream their music and movies or view and edit documents. is a new, London based based startup business. The company is self-funded by founder Michael Watson.