Conrad Dimanche President of PMP Worldwide Speaks about The Voice and Search for New Music Talent

Conrad Dimanche, a prominent A & R professional provides a unique point of view into the music industry. Dimanche speaks about shows like The Voice, locating new musical talent and finding the next big star, how PMP helps in the constant search for talent.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – New York, NY – New York City, NY April 20, 2013 - Conrad Dimanche, President of PMP Worldwide, a prominent A & R professional, former Senior Director of Bad Boy Records for ten years and creative visionary certainly knows the recording industry and understands the value of locating musical talent. Finding the next big star and helping develop their skills and talent into a profitable venture and product is a constant in the business. Just look at the shows on TV such as The Voice, America's Got Talent, and American Idol as an example to understand one way it is done for those fortunate enough to qualify to be on those types of shows.

However,what about artists that do not have access or an opportunity to showcase their talent on a TV show? As stated by Dimanche, "no matter how many TV shows there are promoting new artists it is still hard for A and R professionals to find talent that is actually ready for prime time, concerts, tours, and the commercial side of the music industry."

Dimanche provides a unique point of view into the music industry. After many years in the business, he has learned a great deal and many lessons as a businessman and successful entrepreneur, while retaining strong appreciation for talented artists with real musical skills as one that has seen it all from the creative side of the recording industry.

Watching the Voice Demonstrates That Many Artists Offer More Than Simply Musical Talent

For those that are not contenders on shows like The Voice, American Idol, or America's Got Talent there are many other methods to present their talent. Dimanche the President and co-founder of PMP Worldwide have recently strengthened A and R Resources at PMP. New artists, producers, and talent are provided with an innovative and unique approach to showcasing and protecting the works of producers and artist talent. The PMP digital data source community encourages recording industry professionals to network, connecting to create profitable deals and business transactions. Gaining notable success as a singer, songwriter or musician, producing a top quality recording, or locating qualified new talent for an A&R or buyer is more than just being a part of a network of professionals.

Importance of Musical Talent Having a Distinctive New Sound, Stage Presence, and Unique Personality

Dimanche says, "The music industry of today is looking to deliver a complete package to consumers, and for that reason it is imperative that all professionals involved collaborate to produce a marketable and exciting product that moves consumers to buy. It's essential that musical talent and artists offer a genuine and authentic personality, and stage presence, together with a distinctive new sound for optimal success." A lot can be learned by joining the PMP community to strengthen requisite qualities so more record industry labels and buyers become interested.

Artists, Musicians, Songwriters, Producers, and other professionals in the recording industry can utilize the PMP Worldwide community, to help build their futures in the music industry by networking together to achieve a common goal. You can visit for more details and information about locating musical talent.

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