Deal Provides Unique Hard Drive Data Recovery Service in UK

Online PR News – 20-April-2013 – BURY, ENGLAND – Data Clinic Ltd, an established UK data recovery firm, has just signed a historic agreement with Seagate to provide a unique partnership. Seagate produces hard drives for businesses and consumers, and the deal ensures Data Clinic Ltd is able to provide enhanced data recovery services for all their clients.

“Data Clinic’s unique agreement with Seagate represents a landmark in British data recovery,” said Chris Seeley, a spokesman for Data Clinic Ltd. This statement is cemented by three main benefits the deal has to offer.

Data Clinic Ltd has successfully recovered all kinds of hard drives since 2002. However, with the additional knowledgebase provided by Seagate, they are now able to recover every hard drive as quickly as possible. Seagate knows and understands how hard drives are built, thus providing the knowledge Data Clinic needs to provide the best services to their customers. This ensures a faster and more complete service can be offered than ever before.

The agreement also means the company can provide a unique service that includes sourcing replacement parts for hard drives that have developed problems. The connection and agreement with Seagate has made light work of sourcing the required parts for every hard drive that requires them. Instead of waiting weeks for replacement parts – possibly never receiving them at all – Data Clinic Ltd can now provide the required replacements far more quickly.

The third benefit is seen in a further comment made by Mr Seeley. “Data Clinic are now far and away the country’s leading data recovery experts. We can literally recover data that no other UK company can.” This is confirmed by their ability to save more data from a wider range of hard drives than is possible via any other similar company in the UK today. The agreement with Seagate ensures their ability to handle all manner and types of data losses from all kinds of hard drives.

Data Clinic Ltd has more than a decade of experience in assisting everyone from famous clients to big businesses and through to individuals with hard drive issues. Their service is guaranteed and unique in its scope and professionalism, especially now they have the agreement in place with Seagate.

Data Clinic Ltd has been in business since 2002. They recover data for both businesses and individuals, ranging from blue chip corporations to small businesses and through to individual computer users. To find out more about Data Clinic Ltd and the historic deal they have signed with Seagate, visit today.