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World’s No-1 Data Centre – Datacenters.Pro (London, UK)

Online PR News – 20-April-2013 – London,United Kingdom – Datacenters.Pro (London, UK)( is a financially well capitalised tough confidential Data Centre operator. This Colocation provider aims to offer customer directed flexible solutions. Moreover, the London Colocation specialists know that every business has various needs so they provide solutions tailored on commercial scalability and flexibility to meet the sharp requirements of their budding customer base. The team has wide experience in the streams of build, operation and design of mission critical services. Moreover, the Data Center team work within the ISO 9001 and 27001 standards structure and they practically allow their customers get full access to all their plant maintenance schedules and monitoring systems. The London team handles best of class approach to all electrical and mechanical plant installed in their Data Centers that is evidenced by their cautious choice of high power efficient plant and is attempted and trialled in the most extenuating and rigorous conditions.

Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) services

All their Data Centres are constructed and functioned to surpass Tier III specifications by ensuring that their clients receive a high quality and consistent service. The London Data Centre is well maintained round the clock by the team members who are experienced and highly trained technicians. London Colocation aims to deliver quality performance above the standards at a highest reliable rate.

London Data Centre provide

- Cost effective Data Centre cooling solutions
- Multifaceted Data Centre security systems
- 99.999% power uptime services in London Data Centre
- Industry leading Service Level Management (SLA)
- Business Continuity Systems and Security Management authorized for ISO 27001

Scalability and Flexibility at London Data Center

London Colocation centre ( offer solutions to address the client’s specific Colocation needs and resources. This varies from a single cage/cabinet to committed suites and whole data floors equipped with frequent megawatts of power. Moreover, the team offers cabinet space with capable of 25KW of IT load for applications that need higher power densities. By selecting Colocation services from Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) the clients can definitely minimize their investment and upgrade when they are ready.

London Colocation team have provided the cabinets and cages in a joint data hall where power distribution, fire suppression, and climate control would remain common across the entire space.

Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) Colocation cabinet space offers

- Devoted superfluous 16A/32A Data Centre power supply backed by A and B uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).
- Additional Data Centre security upon request.
- Lockable doors.
- Dedicated footprint( 1000/1200 deep, 600/800 wide)

The consumers are given an option to purchase cabinets directly or they can also choose to install their own cabinets. Caged demises offer the clients with their own secure space inside a shared area where several cabinets can be positioned. Suites and private room spaces at London are detached by enclosed walls from other customer areas. Moreover, the access control systems are wholly added to the client’s suite for additional security. London Data Centre suite holds superfluous committed Power Distribution Unit (PDU) while sharing cooling systems and fire suppression systems with other customer areas inside the Data Centre.

London Data Centre private room holds superfluous committed Power Distribution Unit (PDU), cooling systems, access control and fire suppression systems that offer the maximum levels of security and resiliency. London Data Centre also offers containment options that include both cold and hot aisle containment to suit the clients specific deployment needs.
London Data Center infrastructure

1.Power at London Colocation center

Datacenters.Pro (London, UK) experts know well the need for flexible, resilient and robust power provision. London Data Centre offers industry leading SLAs ( Service Level Agreement) of equal to 99.9999% accessibility on power, redundant grid connections, high power accessibility with N+ 1 and N + N UPS on all other crucial services(

List of standard power options at London Data Center

- AC power voltage 32 or 64 amp -230 V or 400V
- AC 230 V power breakers- 16 or 32 amp
- DC power breakers of assorted sizes
- DC power voltage 48 V

London Data Centre also offers high density power as needed for equal to 25 KW of load per cabinet.

2.Security options at London Data Center

London Data Centre is classically designed with five to six layers of well experienced physical security.

- Alarm system on all Data Centre building areas
- External and internal CCTV IP on complete site coverage
- Data Center Pro state of the art safety systems include biometric readers, mantraps and proximity cards.
- Colocation clients have an option to design their own security process in confidential areas.
- 24/7/365 National Security Inspectorate (NSI) Gold certified on-site security team.

3.Fire detection and suppression at London Data Center

London Colocation has installed Hi-Fog water mist suppression system and fire detection and alarm system. They are designed to meet the premier standard and comes under the category L1 +M together with BS 6266 by exceeding the requirements of BS 5839 category. Moreover, the London Colocation centre’s Hi-Fog suppression system is positioned across the whole facility in order to play down the chances of any possible fire. They are completely environment friendly in par with ‘London Data Centre Eco Engineering’ ethics.

4.Cooling features at London Data Center

London Data Centre operating atmosphere is maintained at the best possible humidity and temperatures. London Colocation cooling and power infrastructure is intended to be simultaneously maintainable as according to Tier III standards.

In line with ‘London Data Centre Eco Engineering’ ethics, chiller plants are instilled to benefit from free chilling/cooling functionality which is further improved by changeable speed fans and pumps. London Data Centre also offer flexible options for the operation of Hot or Cold Aisle control, in-row cooling, or return air ceiling plenums if required.

London Colocation centre’s Business Broadband services come with a variety of enterprise characteristics built in.

London Data Centre works with numerous global transit providers that includes above net and Level 3.

This centre minimizes downtime and maximise throughput for the client’s internet requirements with multiple peering points. Moreover, their consumers have a variety of resilient and standard internet connectivity options direct from their centre at speed from 10 – 1000 Mbit/s. London centre continues to recommend IP v4 and it is launching IP v6 address allocations, which the experts will assist anytime in the consumer’s relocation planning to the latest standard. London Business Broadband has a range of security option to protect their client’s sensitive data and IT infrastructure from attack that also includes intrusion protection, network firewall safeguards and centralised DDoS.

Benefits of London Business Broadband services

- Unlimited download - London Colocation centre offers unlimited time limits and download limits that means the consumers can surf, upload and download as much as they wish.
- Business Broadband with no restrictions- London Business Broadband provider let the clients do what they want and they are completely different and unique from other Business Broadband providers.
- London Business Broadband provider offer free configuration of all the client’s hardware and software.
- UK’s leading Business Broadband provider London Data Centre offer free migration services, which the Data Centre client’s can move their connection to infinity. This way the clients can benefit from no set-up fees, no restrictions and unlimited downloads.
- Full UK support- Each of the Data Centre clients can enjoy unlimited Business Broadband and unparalleled support from the UK’s leading Colocation centre’s support team.
- Business Broadband with no ties- London Business Broadband’s one month least agreement for new connections would give extra flexibility for the clients. Moreover, the clients can enjoy by paying as they access dialup internet with 0845 local call rates with no ties and no restrictions.

Compatible Business Broadband solutions at London Data Center

London Colocation centre takes care of switching and the clients can completely enjoy the non-stop service and award winning support. The experts also assist the Data Centre clients in transferring their landline. Clients who are getting Business Broadband services from London Colocation centre can enjoy free wireless router, free static IP addresses, free McAfee licenses, and free technical support for Business Broadband, free connection from their existing supplier, and also 30 days guarantee to change the plan options. This London Data Centre network is an award winning team. The consumers can benefit free assistance and advice from genius but the only thing is that they have to keep in touch with experts. Moreover, London Business Broadband centre also offer free calls to mobiles within their network and 10 UK landlines.

They offer free delivery on all orders in and around UK. The three best packages offered are

1. Business Broadband Lite + package
2. Business Broadband unlimited package
3. Business Broadband Premier unlimited package

UK’s best Business Broadband packages

Business Broadband Lite + package

This Business Broadband package serves the best for small businesses and home workers. The clients can enjoy high reliable connection with upload speed of up to 1 Mbps and download speed of up to 18 Mbps. Moreover, the consumers can benefit free router, unlimited static IP addressees, round the clock UK based support, unlimited overnight usage and free router. With Business Broadband Lite + package the users can share data and transfer files in seconds externally to enhance efficiency and improve communications.

Business Broadband unlimited package at London Data Center

This unlimited Business Broadband package is designed for organisations holding up to twenty workers. This is an unlimited unrestricted high speed service that supports even the heaviest internet use. The consumers can enjoy unlimited usage- no restrictions, no extra charges, upload speed of up to 1 Mbps, download speed of up to 18 Mbps, free router, free modem , round the clock excellent support and other inclusive features that supports the London Colocation clients business. The consumers can meet the heavy demands of their business by acquiring services and can manage bandwidth hungry applications like videoconferencing and VoIP. This unlimited package lets the clients enjoy unrestricted, genuinely unlimited with no additional charges.

Business Broadband Premier unlimited package at London Colocation centre

This premier Business Broadband package is suitable for businesses that run critical applications over a high speed internet connection and should perform at their best. The London Colocation offers unlimited upload and download in this exclusive package. The clients who are using this package can enjoy unlimited usage with no restrictions or no additional charges, download speed of up to 18 Mbps, upload speed of up to 1 Mbps, free router, round the clock UK based consumer assistance and support. The London Data Center clients can remain out of affect from peak period congestion.

About Datacenters.Pro
London Colocation centre is the best pit stop for Colocation, Data Centre and Business Broadband solutions.

London Colocation centre offer high density solutions at the conveniences of their clients. The London Colocation centre is planned and built to an improved Data Centre Tier III specification. This exclusive Colocation and Business Broadband provider offer round the clock remote hands customer assistance and support on Colocation and Business Broadband packages.

For more details about Business Broadband ( and Colocation services just visit the London Colocation centre’s website.

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