Flatulence Can Now be Relieved Effectively Using New Supplement Company Announces

RezVera is specially formulated to combat flatulence and contains Aloe Vera, Resveratrol and 18 Digestive Enzymes

Online PR News – 19-April-2013 – Grandville/Michigan – Millions of people suffering from Flatulence, stomach cramps, and constipation could be experiencing the first signs of a common gastrointestinal ailment such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health. Taken collectively, episodes of uncontrolled flatulence or irregular bowel movements can result in inconvenient trips to the restroom, embarrassment, or even painful episodes ending in a trip to the doctor's office. Thankfully, a new dietary supplement called RezVera remedies many of these symptoms and each dose -- one to two pills -- can be taken twice a day without fear of harmful side effects.

"Because RezVera is made from a combination of digestive enzymes and other natural ingredients, our customers can rest assured there will be no negative side effects to using this product regularly," a company spokesperson said recently. "In fact, RezVera can be taken until flatulence or diarrhea subsides."

RezVera is designed to return the human digestive system to natural working order, improve colon health, and foster regular and healthy bowel movements. A key factor in how well the body digests food is the presence and effectiveness of digestive enzymes in the body and food a person consumes. If these enzymes are compromised through illness, or burned off when food is cooked, chunks of food may sit in the stomach and bowels, creating bacteria and gases that get expelled through the anus as flatulence or the mouth as a burp. Each dose of RezVera contains 18 digestive enzymes that supplement and strengthen the body's own supply, and help break down food and convert it to vital nutrients. The absence of such enzymes leads to the very problems RezVera combats -- flatulence, stomach pain, diarrhea, constipation.

The company spokesperson said people who experience painful episodes of diarrhea or constipation or persistent flatulence need not suffer, thanks to fast acting RezVera.

“There is no reason for someone to change his or her lifestyle or diet, or see a doctor when mild cases of flatulence or diarrhea flare up,” the spokesperson said. “Not when RezVera is available and can be taken until symptoms subside.”

RezVera can be taken twice a day with water. Though formulated to be fast acting, the product works differently for each person based on their physiology. The company offers customers a full 30-day money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the product, minus the cost of shipping and handling.

One customer who suffered from flatulence for years said RezVera changed his life. “I cannot tell you how embarrassing it has been my whole life to have problems with gas,” he said. “Whether I was alone or with other people, it was a problem I had trouble controlling -- until I found RezVera.”

About RezVera

RezVera is a dietary supplement designed to reduce symptoms of flatulence, stomach bloating and other digestive problems. It uses a combination of Aloe vera and 18 all-natural enzymes to help return the digestive system to natural working order. For more details, visit http://rezvera.com.

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