Dragon Sourcing has launched Eastern Europe procurement

Dragon Sourcing is a leading procurement company that sources agrarian products, minerals and manufactured items from the most viable sources. These procured goods are used as raw materials for industries or as finished products for end-users.

Online PR News – 20-April-2013 – London – Dragon Sourcing has started sourcing from Eastern European countries in its effort to increase global operations and presence. With an eye on expansion of operations in the emerging economies of Europe, this company has begun procuring from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Baltic States and ex-Yugoslavia. Thorough understanding of Eastern European economy has assisted this company in setting up offices in countries of this region.

This company acts as a bridge between suppliers on one hand and buyers on the other. The interest of Dragon Sourcing lies in identifying the best available resources of individual countries at competitive rates thereby offering value for money for buyers. This procurement of resources at affordable rates is essential to have a competitive edge for buyers. Procuring from Dragon Sourcing saves you the trouble of identifying the sources of raw materials needed for your industry.

Procurements are classified into agricultural items, minerals and industrial and manufactured goods. These goods are usable as finished products, intermediary items or raw materials. Before buying a product, it is essential to identify its exact form and thereafter decide on its sourcing. Through Dragon Sourcing, it is possible to procure iron ore, the processed metal, or steel as well depending on your specific requirement. With an access to all the East European countries, this company is capable of meeting demands for any type of item. Whether the need is for extracted iron from Bulgaria, automobiles from Poland, machineries from Czech Republic, timber product from Baltic States or processed food from Hungary, Dragon Sourcing has arrangement for all.

Worldwide operations of this company help buyers from every corner of the globe to source materials from countries of Eastern Europe. This part of Europe is rich in minerals such as coal, iron ore, bauxite, silver, manganese sulfur and amber. This organization not only has an access to mineral resources of these East European countries but also their agrarian products such as sugar beet, potato, wheat, corn, hops, vegetable and fruits. Arrangements for other farm items such as cattle, poultry, pork, and dairy products are also taken care of by this company.

East Europe is traditionally an industrial territory with prominence of automobile, machineries, chemical, iron and steel, glass, electrical appliances and textiles. Dragon Sourcing assists end-users in getting the best product at affordable prices. International trade is bound by definitive regulations which vary from one country to another. This procurement company with worldwide presence is thorough about international trade regulations and their characteristics. For trouble free sourcing of raw materials or finished products from nations of East Europe, Dragon Sourcing is a reliable organization.

About the Company

Dragon Sourcing was established as a procurement company of overseas resources from all feasible locations. Through its worldwide operations, this company delivers products that are sustainable and add value to spending. Procurement at competitive rates is the principal concern of this company which believes is setting up long term associations and not just business relationships.