STEL comes up with best Insulated Tools in UK market

STEL is a leading Sheffield based company that offers a vast range of best quality and long lasting insulated tools in the UK market with 12 months warranty.

Online PR News – 20-April-2013 – 4/18/2013, Sheffield, South Yorkshire – Sheffield, South Yorkshire STEL (Specialised Tools & Equipment Limited), the leading construction tools company from Sheffield has come up with best insulated tools in the UK market. The company assured of a premium and long lasting manufacturing.

STEL is one of the major names in the UK construction sphere operating successfully since 2007.

"We are pleased to declare that we are rising to be the number one supplier of engineering equipments in the UK space. Our dual insulated safety tools are the best in the market. Our staffs here are backed by years of professional experience in different industries like rail and engineering that enables them to deliver a seasoned and skilled service always with proactive innovation", said the spokesperson from Specialised Tools & Equipments Limited.

The company is widely known for their fantastic inventory of insulated equipments. 100 percent customer satisfaction approach is followed by STEL and its employees. The firm specializes in the BSH8020 digging equipments.

"All the insulated tools manufactured by us are of finest quality and have been made to last for years. We understand that we cannot achieve repeat customers if we offer a poor quality and hence we always strive to exceed the clients' expectations with our high end products", added the spokesperson.

When it comes to the range of insulated tools manufactured by the company, the STEL manager informed of a huge selection. As per his statement, STEL has come up with a wide range of high quality insulated tools such as insulated crowbar, insulated hammers, insulated spade, insulated shovels, insulated wheelbarrows etc. Insulated ballast fork, insulated shovel holder and insulated chisel and point pick are also available from the leading Sheffield based engineering tools manufacturer.

All their products have been backed by a 12 months of warranty. Speaking about the refund facilities, the manager disclosed that they are open for a 100 percent refund provision if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

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