RFID System in Library Contributes a Lot to the Books Management in Modern Libraries

In order to search and manage conveniently, librarians use RFID system in library to enhance work effectively. As a leading RFID producer, DAILY has unveiled RFID system in library to streamline the check in and out of the library items process.

Online PR News – 20-April-2013 – Guangzhou/Guangdong – As is known to all, the traditional books management, lacking in RFID system in library, is a crucial but repetitive work in library or reading room. And the conventional books management without RFID system in library often includes much regular work such as manual information input, managing readers, querying bibliography and lending books. In order to search and manage conveniently, more and more librarians have begun to use RFID system in library to enhance work effectively. As the leading company that designs and produces RFID products and RFID system, DAILY RFID has newly unveiled a series of RFID readers and tags to help RFID system in library so as to streamline the check in and out of the library items process.

In general, RFID system in library, as an important part of numerous RFID applications, contains RFID tags, readers and software, all of which are specifically designed for library management. In terms of RFID readers in RFID system in library, it is the RFID Gate DL8220 that can be the inevitable choice for managing libraries. Integrated with Daily’s latest RFID reader module, the DL8220 reader is perfect for access control and attendance tracking applications, which makes the intelligent RFID system in library allows students or readers enter a room without delay or human interaction while automated capture of attendees’ data. As to RFID tags of RFID system in library, the smart HF label - 11 must be the excellent choice because of its high quality and brilliant performance in library management. Compliant with ISO15693 & ISO14443 protocols, this RFID system in library works on the frequency of 13.56MHz and provides high identification accuracy to books inventory. Moreover, due to the special paper material and 3M Glue adhesive on the back, this label can be easily pasted on books or objects yet hard to fall, which makes RFID system in library appropriate for tracking books and locating the books’ position.

To date, RFID system in library has prevailed among lots of modern libraries because this system brings so many benefits to librarians and gives convenience to readers. To be specific, the intelligent RFID system in library help to simplify the operation of books borrowing and returning, accelerate the stock taking and ensure the accurate correspondence between book records and physical inventory. Further more, RFID system in library makes it easy to seek books, actualizes the automatic books borrowing and returning, facilitates the readers and enhances the working efficiency. Briefly, Daily’s flexible RFID system in library promotes the level of books control and contributes a lot to library management.

Please find more info about RFID system in library at DAILY RFID website: http://www.rfid-in-china.com/products-63-1.html


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