provides its users free, reliable, secured, customizable online form building software.
04/20/2013 is a fully secured HTML form maker which can be easily installed and perfectly customized by its users for all their web related endeavors.

Online PR News – 20-April-2013 – Mumbai, Maharashtra – Mumbai, Maharashtra - Form2Go provides its users with sophisticated high quality software which can help them in form building endeavors for their website. Creating a form is a meticulous task and which can take up a lot of time. With this unique online free form builder, several users can build high-tech forms conveniently for their website. This site provides a professional approach in building forms, which every user can avail free of cost.

The unique service from Form2Go renders convenience to all its users. Commercial users can avail its premium services at affordable prices. However, with its reliable HTML form creator both commercial as well as non-commercial users can procure its easy to use interface for building forms online. Multiple website owners can avail this software to suit their individual requirements with efficacy.

Form2Go offers several options of form templates. Its users can use it to meet their individual specifications without any hassles. This form creation tool requires no programming knowledge. Users can make use of the HTML codes in submitting their forms or they can make their submission in raw HTML, as per their specifications pertaining to editing, output and style in various browsers. Incorporating a Java snippet in the form building process can enhance the speed of the process efficiently. If one prefers to load the forms to certain pages for traffic generation purpose, they can choose to make form submissions with sub domain form links.

Form2Go provides full authority to their users to build forms in the manner they desire. For instance, every user can choose his form's style and adopt backgrounds, colors etc, the way he desires. This online form creator also gives option to its users to be redirected to a landing page, after the form submission process gets completed.

Security is yet another significant feature offered by this user-friendly form building tool. Form2Go provides its users with SSL submission and multiple captcha facilities. In doing so, every user is guaranteed optimal security in their complete form building process. Users can avail customized notification options for customizing the notification mails which they would receive for form entries. They could send multiple notifications as well as customize entry mails through Amazon SES. Specifying options for receiving form in mail and sending notifications can also be smoothly executed through Amazon SES.

Apart from rendering flexibility to users, this online form maker can be easily installed and used to avail multilingual support.
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