Revolutionary Technology Debuts at Earth Day Dallas 2013


Contact: Sean Reavis
Company name: GVO Solutions, LLC
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Online PR News – 20-April-2013 – Dallas, Texas – Revolutionary Technology Debuts at Earth Day Dallas 2013

Dallas, Texas—April 18, 2013 – A patented technology has the potential to change the entire candle making industry, as it enables all consumers (individuals or groups) to save money by transforming USED cooking oil into a carbon neutral candle wax. This revolutionary technology offers everyone the first truly sustainable and eco-friendly option for the creation of candle wax, and will debut at Earth Day Dallas 2013.

GVO Solutions, LLC, the national representatives of Oil2Wax have expanded to the United States from Europe after winning accolades in Paris and a very successful product launch in Europe. The combined partners have a proprietary “powder” that is the fundamental basis of their candle business, “The Greatest Candle In The World” ; which provides a vital solution to the global water contamination problem.

Water Contamination and Conservation have a valuable solution, as the powder made by Oil2Wax transforms waste into wax. Soy Candles are mistakenly considered eco-friendly, until one realizes the slash & burn methods of rain forests to create soy fields; nor is anyone eating the soy candles, so there is zero nutrition to be discussed. Bee’s Wax candles might be the only eco-friendly option so far, yet are obviously unsustainable due to the limited amounts of bees. The amount that companies pay to dispose of their used cooking oil can be avoided by the revenue stream of their sustainable resource. Home owners and also commercial property owners can avoid replacing clogged pipes; thus, also saving money while preventing water contamination. The launch of this innovation in the United States will definitely keep Mega-Giants like Yankee Candles scrambling to obtain licensing rights, as consumers will see the fiscal and environmental benefits of making their own candles from what was once considered waste.

For further information please call 310.497.3377 and introduce yourself to the partners. Find more information at their Facebook Business page: Facebook . com / tgcusa