Introducing Social Networking for Better Health

At GenieMD our mission is to help improve the quality of human life by providing solutions that enable people to live healthier and longer. Our products empower people to become active participants in their own care.

Online PR News – 19-April-2013 – San Francisco, CA – Introducing Social Networking for Better Healthcare

GenieMD, a global provider of mobile healthcare solutions, announced today the availability of social networking capabilities in its latest release of GenieMD APP version 5.2.

Due to the success of Facebook (FB), LinkedIn, and Yammer, social networking has played a substantial role in people’s lives: from finding old friends, staying in touch with family, locating the dream job, and improving efficiencies in business. At GenieMD, we believe social networking can play an even bigger role in healthcare. Whether it is to share one’s health condition with a small group of family and trusted friends or to draw on the knowledge and experience of others who may have similar conditions or to securely communicate with a team of healthcare providers and caregivers, social networking can and will change personal health management dramatically.

The new version of GenieMD contains a new feature called LoopSocial. GenieMD users can now create a discussion Loop and invite Facebook friends or contacts through their address book. The group can share text, video, audio or photos as well as health vitals such as blood pressure and glucose, privately and securely. A Loop can also be used as an individual’s journal to log a variety of health activities.

GenieMD is already working on an enhanced release where through artificial intelligence and advanced search technologies, relevant, targeted and trustworthy information can optionally be added to a social loop. The company also plans to offer premium loops where syndicated and premium content about different health topics will be available for a fee.