Announces the Best Dehumidifiers of 2013
05/03/2013, a leading online retailer and product reviewer of healthy home products for allergy and asthma relief, has chosen its top dehumidifiers for 2013 for the basement, home and crawl space applications.

Online PR News – 03-May-2013 – Braintree, MA –, a leading online retailer and product reviewer of healthy home products for allergy relief, has chosen its top dehumidifiers for the year. The company’s expert staff identified several factors for ranking their dehumidifiers including the total square footage of the area to dehumidify as well as energy consumption, quietness, durability and the ability to operate below 65 degrees – especially important for consumers in colder climates.

For Basement Use:

The WhiteWing Defender dehumidifier was chosen as the overall best basement dehumidifier. This model is quiet, energy efficient and will dehumidify an area up to 2500 square feet. The WhiteWing Defender can operate as a standalone unit or simply ducted to efficiently dry multiple rooms. The Defender features a MERV-11 air filter for improved air quality, operates in temperatures as low as 40 degrees and includes a digital humidistat that automatically senses moisture levels to maintain optimal humidity. The model is on sale for $1549.99.

The Friedrich dehumidifiers were the best pick for mid-sized basements up to 1400 sq. ft. Friedrich dehumidifiers offer quiet operation and come standard with a built-in pump for automatic water drainage. Besides being energy start rated, they also provided an auto restart and have low temperature operation down to 41 degrees. These units also include a bucket for removing water in a basement. These low temp dehumidifiers start at $269.95.

For Home Use:

The Santa Fe RX dehumidifier was rated the best dehumidifier for a larger home area up to 2200 sq. ft. This attractive dehumidifier is extremely quiet, energy star rated and provides easy water removal through its built-in pump and provided hose. This dehumidifier is listed at $2249 and unlike other large home dehumidifiers tested, it eliminates the need to run multiple room dehumidifiers as long as the doors are left open connecting various rooms.

The Stadler Form Albert dehumidifier has been chosen as best dehumidifier for inside the home for smaller areas. This high quality, ultra-quiet dessicant dehumidifier offers a handsome housing, easy-to-use controls and is barely audible making it ideal for bedrooms or living rooms up to 650 square feet. The Stadler Form Albert is offered at $599.99 and features either a removable bucket or continuous drain hose.

For Crawl Space Use:

The DezAir dehumidifier is our top selling dehumidifier for humidity control in crawl spaces. The DezAir operates in cold temperatures down to 40 degrees and will dehumidify areas as large as 2200 square feet. Sitting at just 15 inches in height, this crawlspace dehumidifier has no problem fitting in tight spaces and features an auto restart and energy star rating. On sale for $1399.99.

The Santa Fe Compact 2 dehumidifier is a small but powerful dehumidifier that will easily dry an area up to 1800 square feet. At 12 inches in height and operation in temperatures down to 49 degrees, the Compact 2 is ideally suited for smaller crawl spaces. This dehumidifier is energy star rated it has an optional hang kit for installation in the ceiling or in between floor joints. This model starts at $1089.00. is a multi-channel retailer which rates, reviews and sells healthy home products online and by catalog including air purifiers, Hepa vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers and hypoallergenic bedding. The company is a division of Boston Green Goods. Inc. (BGG), located in Braintree, MA, and also operates such websites as &

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