Playtex Diaper Genie Refill Wins In New Economy

Playtex has long been one of the most competitive companies in the baby market, and its Diaper Genie, or more importantly its refill, might be making all of the difference.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – New Mexico – ( -- April 12, 2013) San Francisco, CA -- While babies might be sweet and innocent the baby industry is anything but. Cutthroat and competitive, big name baby companies spend billions every year in advertising and product development to keep long time competitors, and any brave new up and comers, at bay. Out of the smoke Playtex has come forward as one of the most longstanding competitive companies in the baby market, and the little invention of the Diaper Genie, or more importantly its refill, might be making all of the difference.

Despite a lawsuit against the company last year, which left Playtex with a check to write for $13.5 million because of false advertising, they still continue to dominate because of the availability and strategic concept behind the Diaper Genie. One of the many draws includes the pail’s functionality, easy to open, easy to close, and nearly completely odor blocking. The Diaper Genie pail itself is affordable and the design is attractive, which is why so many parents opt to purchase the Playtex product instead of other similar models next door on the shelf.

It isn’t the pail, however, that places Playtex at the top of the industry in sales; it is the Diaper Genie Refill that is the game changer. Because the pail is meaningless without the bag, parents find themselves returning to the store again and again for refills, but instead of using the tech world’s strategy for making money (inexpensive printers and sky high prices for ink), Playtex has made their diaper bag refills incredibly reasonable. Part of this decision most definitely comes from market research – parents are willing to pay money to make their lives easier, but will quickly draw the line when prices increase, knowing that there are many solutions, albeit slightly less convenient, that will do the same job for little to no cost.

The Playtex Company knows how to walk the industry line and is being rewarded with loyal customers and increased sales to boot. Competitive marketing, a great product scheme, and affordable pricing, the Diaper Genie Refill to stay stay at number one on the leader board for many babies to come.

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