Gboxapp – All tools and games in one application

“Gboxapp providing access to all your favorites tools, applications and games”

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – Scottsdale,Arizona – Gboxapp is a useful desktop application that one can easily download from the internet. It comes quite handy in terms of accessibility and installation. Unlike other web based applications that require network availability for it usage, Gboxapp does not require internet access for its usage.

The best thing about this application is that it demands no software requirement on the computer to complete its installation. All it takes is to download the application from the internet and install it by following just few simple steps. Gboxapp, apart from being easy to use, is also available free of cost. There are no charges involved for downloading this application.

The app can be compared with an assortment of chocolates. The person gets all his favorite chocolates and flavors in a single box. Similarly, all the useful tools that a person requires in day to day life, such as calculator, calendar, etc. are all easily accessible from this single application. This is a feature that counts as the USP of this great application. The person using the app is no longer required to search the web for these tools individually, because it is a package that offers all the important tools assorted together at one place.

Below are the some of the useful tools that comes with this app:

1.Calculator – Performs basic mathematics calculations

2.Chess – The classic game made modern

3.Currency converter – Converts currency value of different countries into one another

4.World clock – Shows various time zones across the world

5.Funny quotes – Offers brainy and inspirational quotes from famous people

6.Thermometer – Displays the current temperature

7.World market watch – Provides access to the current conditions of world market

8.World Calendar – Know events and special holidays across the globe

Not only is Gboxapp, easy to use, but it is also quite easy to uninstall. Simple, convenient and easy to use are the three attributes that perfectly describe this application.