Gigabyte to Hearing Aid. The Dangers Lurking in The Data Centre

Hampshire England April 18th 2013: Working in a controlled IT environment could be dangerous to your health. Long term exposure to excessive noise output in the Data Centre and Server Room without appropriate ear protection can cause reduced or even loss of hearing.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – Hampshire Egland – Hampshire England, April 18th 2013: Working in a controlled IT environment could be a danger to your health. Exposure to excessive noise output without appropriate ear protection can create long term hearing issues from working in Data Centre and Server rooms.

Hampshire, England: Sound Monitor has recently launched the website Sound Testing, designed to suit the increasing Data Centre and IT community. The company are a specialist workplace sound and noise level testing company operating in business critical IT environments, including data centres, computer rooms, server rooms and plant rooms. Health and safety legislation now stipulates workplace noise exposure should be assessed where the risk of excessive noise output is likely to exceed the working legal level, currently standing in the UK at 85dB. Controlled IT environments have characteristics that are likely to produce high noise exposure as high density computer equipment combined with powerful air conditioning systems will in many instances, deliver noise exposure in excess of recommended working levels.

IT environments are a specialist area that requires expert attention. Sound Monitor benefit from an understanding of thirty six years experience of computer room and data centre infrastructure that allows each facility to be independently assessed. Love it or hate it, we now live in a Health and Safety culture that regularly appears to attract new issues. Sound and Noise Testing is another such issue that Data Centre and Facility Managers now need to be aware of and address accordingly. For further details please visit the company website.