Bar Rescue or Sell This House: Extreme

Bar Rescue or Offer This House: Extreme will understand the definition of fast track development. A fast trail project is the location where the production schedule is compressed as well as the stages of development over lap one

Online PR News – 18-April-2013 – Chandlee and Sons Construction 931 Monroe Dr. NE, Suite A 102-257 Atlanta, GA 30308 Phone: 678-278-9 – Seth Chandlee is a general contractor and the owner of Chandlee and Sons Construction Company - a commercial and retail construction firm in Alpharetta, Georgia. He and his firm recently completed a project for the producers of the reality show, Bar Rescue, shown on the Spike TV network.

The producers of this show were searching the internet for commercial contractors in the Atlanta area, when they came across the website for Chandlee and Sons Construction Company. They contacted Seth by phone and he agreed to work with them to scout out locations in the Atlanta area for an upcoming project. After a day together the producers learned of Seth’s unique experience for an Atlanta area commercial contractor, in that he had previously worked with Laura Makk from A&E’s Drill Team and other television producers. But what is more important is that they learned Seth had completed two fast track construction projects for A&E’s Sell This House: Extreme earlier this year.

Anyone familiar with either Bar Rescue or Sell This House: Extreme will understand the term fast track construction. A fast track project is where the production schedule is compressed and the stages of construction over lap one another. But these network shows take it up another notch or two. Both shows are extreme because of the amount of work that must be completed in an insanely short amount of time – 36 hours or less! In real time these projects would actually take one to two months to complete.

But in the world of fast track construction, Bar Rescue is the extreme of the extreme. The project chosen for the Atlanta show was a complete exterior and interior renovation of an existing bar located in a suburb of east Atlanta with every detail to be completed in three 24-hour days! With this type of construction it is a seat-of-your-pants operation with design changes made minute-by-minute. The contractor must be extremely good at solving problems using the best materials with the cost always at the fore front as these types of projects are very low budget. And as the producers quickly learned, Seth Chandlee and Chandlee and Sons Construction was more than up to the task.

Seth has a unique talent for being able to see the big picture no matter how large the project, and at the same time he does not lose sight of the details that will make the project a success. He is able to consistently deliver on his promises while actually giving the client more than they expected! The producers of the show told Seth that ‘they could not have pulled this job off without his expertise’. Seth Chandlee’s ability to solve problems quickly and his knowledge of the required materials and workmanship is what made this all possible. This episode of the Atlanta area bar renovation is scheduled to air in about four weeks on the Spike TV network.

Recently, Seth applied his unique talents in fast track construction on a much less complicated job. The project was a commercial remodel of a retail space in a strip center. Originally, he had a two week production schedule that began on a Monday, but after rethinking the entire process, he was able to complete the remodel on Friday of the same week. By cutting the actual build-out time in half the new owners were ready to open the doors a week early! This not only saved them time but enable them to begin making money sooner!

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