Leading Payday Lender, DoshDelivery Demonstrates Good Practice To Protect Their Borrowers.

The leading Payday lender DoshDelivery are joining other reputable short term lenders by taking a stand against unscrupulous loan providers. The company have improved their codes of practice in line with recent Government recommendations.

Online PR News – 18-April-2013 – London – Leading payday lender, DoshDelivery is amongst of group of reputable short term lenders who are working hard to protect their borrowers. The company have implemented measures to their codes of practice to ensure responsible lending to borrowers. These changes come as a result of recommendations made to the industry by the Government.

Over 90 % of the country’s payday lenders, represented by four Trade Associations, have agreed to make improvements to their lending practices.

The improvement’s DoshDelivery are implementing include:
• Clear, up to date and easily accessible information about how their loans work and the costs associated with borrowing.
• Advanced communication, usually by email, with the borrower a few days before their repayment is due to be paid.
• Transparent and clear information about the loan repayments and fees for late payments to help borrowers make informed and appropriate financial decisions for themselves.
• Help and advice for consumers who are in financial difficulty.
• Improved assessment and application processing to ensure loan applicants are financially able to borrow the sums they are seeking.
• Commitment to eradicating bad practice and unscrupulous lenders in the industry.

DoshDelivery remain committed to ensuring their borrowers receive the emergency financial assistance they need while making sure they are borrowing sensibly.

Their strong message to consumers is that short term cash advances are designed as an emergency stop gap only. They are not designed to deal with longer term financial difficulties. The company also advice against short term loans being used to deal with existing debt problems.

Where borrowers are struggling financially, the company will do all they can to direct people to the appropriate Credit advisors for assistance and they always advise against borrowing further if a customer is already in debt.

Applicants for loans from DoshDelivery will benefit from these improvements. They create a much clearer platform from which a borrowers can make a solid financial decision.

Borrowers are required to be employed and receiving a regular income. They must have a current bank account and be able to confirm their identity.

Once they have established how much a loan will cost, and calculated the repayment to clear the short term loan, they can then decide whether this is the best option for them, before they complete the application. Borrowers are not put under any pressure to make a decision.

In fact, DoshDelivery advise customers to think carefully before borrowing money on a short term basis and always recommend they consider carefully their monthly outgoings and make sure they can afford the repayments.

By providing this clear information, support and assistance to borrowers, DoshDelivery are demonstrating their continued commitment to responsible lending and care for their customers. It is one of the reasons they remain a top choice amongst so many borrowers who need a short term cash loan until they are next paid.