Bounceweb Becomes Greener With The Implementation Of Solar Power

BounceWeb is not a strange word in the web hosting world. Providing the cheapest web hosting service with cutting edge technologies like FFmpeg hosting, they are being greatly environmentally responsible too. Today they have reached another milestone of implementing the solar power generation for their power requirement in Green Web Hosting. Let’s have a chat with the professionals of bounceweb and know how they have become greener.

Online PR News – 27-July-2009 – – TX, July 27, 2009 - As the saying goes, for about 2000 years, we have been conquering the environment and now we are beating it to death. The environment will have its vengeance on us unless we stop trashing it and exploit the non-renewable resources. “Energy consumption is one of the main factors to be considered today. With lots and lots of industries erected each day, the demand for electricity on the rise. Infact the web hosting service providers need 24/7 live power supply to keep the servers running. Hence we are the ones who consume a larger part of the energy. You will be well aware of the fact that continual live power supply is inevitable for the best web hosting service providers. All we have to do is to find the alternative methods to generate electricity that will not exploit the non-renewable energy sources” says Mr. Joey Smith of

Speaking about the alternative sources of energy, Mr. Joey Smith said, “When it comes to green energy the solar power is the one to look for. The Solar Powered Web Hosting has made us provide reliable web hosting than ever before. One of the main advantages of the Solar Powered Web Hosting is that we won’t have to rely on the conventional power supply which may fail at times and so we will be in need of power backups with harmful emissions to the environment. The Solar Powered Web Hosting is ON 24/7 with zero emissions and the need for a separate power backup is eliminated. We hope that these savings in power consumption will help us to provide cheaper Green Web Hosting services.”

Speaking on the move, Mr. Joey Smith said, “We are very happy the community out there reacts to the green implementations. We have received several Web Hosting Awards for implementing the Green Web Hosting. Our vision is to make people understand the importance of solar energy and implement it in their daily lives. Our next milestone is to put up wind powered web hosting.”

Bounceweb really does care about the environment. Their wise move in implementing green technologies in web hosting may become a revolution in the web hosting world out there.

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