Narconon East US Mobilized For National Prescription Drug Take Back Day April 27

Narconon East US Centers gear up for National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, April 27, 2013 to help reduce prescription drug overdose deaths and RX drug abuse.

Online PR News – 22-April-2013 – Clearwater, FL – Narconon East US Centers are rallying for National Prescription Drug Take Back Day, April 27, 2013 to help increase awareness of the U.S. prescription drug overdose epidemic and let Americans know an easy way to help.

Clients at Narconon drug rehab centers report to counselors that they get often got prescription drugs for from their parent’s medicine cabinets or those of their friends or other family members.

These reports are supported by the 2011 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), that states more than six million Americans abuse prescription drugs. That same study revealed more than70 percent of people abusing prescription pain relievers got them through friends or relatives, a statistic that includes raiding the family medicine cabinet.

“National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is an ideal way for Americans to empty their medicine cabinets, bedside tables, and kitchen drawers of unwanted, unused, and expired prescription drugs thus removing temptation from teens and others abusing them,” says Yvonne Rodgers, Executive Director, Narconon East US. “It’s so simple to help, simply gather your unused prescription drugs and drop them off for safe disposal.”

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) sponsors National Prescription Drug Take Back Days and the last one held on September 29, 2012 collected 244 tons of prescription medications from more than 5,253 locations. When added to the collections from DEA’s previous four Take Back events, more than 2 million pounds (1,018 tons) of prescription medications were removed from circulation and safely disposed.

Supporting the implementation of Pharmaceutical Take Back programs contributes to solving two problems; safety concerns from accidental poisonings or overdose and the environment problems of safe disposal so drugs aren’t flushed into the water supply.

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