Just For You Launches New Shared Mailer Program for Seniors

Just For You announced the launch of a 2013 pilot program

Online PR News – 17-April-2013 – April 16 / Atlanta, GA – Just For You, a targeted market mailer for seniors aged 55-75, announced the launch of a 2013 pilot program designed to give companies and advertisers direct access to attract active adults with specialized lifestyle offers and exclusive discounts. The program will begin in mid-September using a shared, full-colored 5.5” x 9” glossy envelope that will be mailed to one million households in select markets gathered from a database of over 30 million Americans aged 55-75 who own their own home.

This new marketing program offers companies a cost-effective and direct marketing opportunity to reach people in their own homes who are looking for discounts on dining, home improvements, vacations, insurance, healthy and beauty products and much more.

The Just For You audience is focused on one of America’s fastest growing and most powerful demographics, active adults aged 55 to 75. Approximately 10,000 people in the US turn 60 each day, a trend that will continue until 2025. This population controls 77% of the US wealth and has almost $2 trillion in buying power.

“This is a unique opportunity to penetrate an attractive market,” said President and Co-Founder Steve Hill. “These baby boomers have aspirations, concerns and desires that are different from past generations, they feel younger, are more vibrant, better educated and ready for new adventures.”

Using a multi-sourcing approach to develop the targeted mailing list, Just For You conducts research on demographic and psychographic records that offer buying power indicators on estimated household income, net worth, home value, mortgage amount, census income, credit card information, buying behavior, investments and occupations.

The Just For You pilot launch in September is an exciting opportunity for companies to position their products ahead of their competition and reach a highly desired target demographic with disposable income and ready to enjoy an active lifestyle.

About Just For You

The Just For You co-op mailer is designed for national advertisers, retailers and service providers who want to reach the quickly growing and highly sought after demographic of active adults. For more information, visit JustForYouMail.com or contact Steve Hill at 678-384-7831.