The Info. Revolution and How to Recondition Your Bucket Truck?

The new trend seems to be to breakdown everything and anything into achievable step-by-step processes, and no topic seems to be exempt, including my latest gem of a find “how to recondition your bucket truck”.

Online PR News – 27-July-2009 – – I 80-Equipment ( has joined the ranks of businesses that believe in transparency in processes and protocol. Their “How-to Recondition Your Truck” guide is not for the mechanically-inclined individual at home to implement on a Saturday morning when the wife and kids are at the park (or excuse me gals, when hubbie’s out!). It’s intended to build customer trust by inviting prospective customers behind the scenes and into the shop.

I 80-Equipment provide a “How to Recondition your Bucket Truck” in 7 steps, including disassembling the truck completely, degreasing and power washing, sanding down, spray painting, reassembling, inspecting and certifying as the finished product.

Many a business have something to learn from the likes of I 80-Equipment. Whether you’re selling health & beauty products, or computers or mobile phones, consumers like having the option to access as much user-friendly information on the product, ranging from its actual use to its assembly.

There is something reassuring for a consumer to be told how things are done. So reassuring that many a folk might not bother reading on. They just like to know that the information is easily accessible. It makes consumer sense. The art is writing for both the amateur and pro alike.

I 80-Equipment invite truck shoppers to let them know their trucking equipment needs and their financing needs. Anyone who takes the time to fill in of of their online forms is likely to have taken time to check out I 80-Equipment’s how-to page on reconditioning first, where they share how they get their trucks ready-for-the-road. This is bound to affect sales closure rates favourably, as well-informed prospects are probably more likely to close a sale than not.

I 80-Equipment have 17 years in the business.

I 80-Equipment ( Specialists in Fully Reconditioned, Used trucks. Check out the online extensive listing of like-new used bucket trucks, digger derrick trucks, forestry trucks, grapple trucks and boom trucks. Color photos, detailed descriptions and live video footage provided. Range of brands include: Altec, Duralift, Hi-Ranger, Lift-All, MTI, Terex, Versalift. Accessories include augers, auger straps, buckets, bucket liners, winch ropes, and more!

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