Fun Takes On A New Shape

Recent Unemployment Leads to New Business

Online PR News – 22-May-2010 – – It’s easy and certainly understandable to feel scared and down in the dumps after being laid off from work. These are trying times we live in as unemployment is rampant, and morale is low, but that’s not how Mitzi Koons chose to respond. Instead, she decided that the best way to respond and contribute is by starting a business of her own called Bauble Board, Inc: a manufacturer of custom shaped and personalized display boards.

Realizing that after a few years, her daughter would outgrow her Brownie vest Mitzi began searching for a creative, yet inexpensive, way to display the various pins and patches that her daughter had worked so hard to earn.

“I wanted my daughter to have something unique and tailored to her interests that she could hang on her wall to help her remember her accomplishments and motivate her to keep achieving her goals,” says Mitzi. “This isn’t about starting a new collection and buying more things. This is about remembering the good things we’ve done and finding new motivation to keep going even though things are tough right now.”

“Through this process, I realized how many other organizations, clubs, and companies give out lapel pins, patches and other trinkets that often end up in drawers and are often forgotten about. I decided to create a whole line of custom display boards in various shapes to help people display these items and get excited about their accomplishments, interests, hobbies and careers again. It really is a fun and inexpensive way to display all sorts of prized little trinkets and treasures.”

Bauble Board, Inc. currently has over 20 custom shapes that come in 14 different colors with endless personalization options. Bauble Boards™ are constructed from high quality, environmentally friendly and recycled materials and are suitable for the home and office. Prices for the custom display boards range from around $7 to $24. For more information, pictures, and usage ideas visit online at

Mitzi Koons formed Bauble Board, Inc. with the help and support of her husband Rodney and plans to grow the company to a point where she might one day soon be able to offer employment to someone else who has lost his/her job.