Web Based Multiplatform Collaboration Software Released

Collaber is a collaboration software for a virtual team, small business team, enterprises. It is a business collaboration software that helps a team to share files, tasks. It is a collaboration software for a business team.

Online PR News – 27-July-2009 – – The much awaited Collaber on Web, a web based collaboration software is all set to launch today by Vimukti Technologies, the creator of the much successful desktop client Collaber. A unique collaboration tool which enables teams to share files, folders, take backup of all actions, create events, tasks and manage projects from anywhere and any device both online and offline.
Widely been used by small businesses, enterprises, virtual assistants, web masters, designers, musicians, what makes it stand apart is its multi OS support for Mac, Windows as well as Linux platforms.

While the existing users can directly login to the web version using existing credentials, the new users can directly register online.
“We are happy to release the web version of Collaber making it easy to manage projects. Over the last few months, we were receiving thousands of mails requesting the release date of Collaber On Web. Our users were very supportive and encouraging. On this occasion I would like to thank all our users for their support.” says Rajesh Akkineni, CEO of Collaber.
Besides these added features, Collaber releases a stable and mature alternative to proprietary applications such as Microsoft Share Point or Groove.

Release Highlights
1.Web version of Collaber with unified account
With the web version of collaber, users can create unified account which works for both desktop version and web version.
2.Multi Calendar View
Calendar tool in Collaber has a similar functionality of Google App’s Calendar and can see all the workspaces calendars in a single workspace. This view enables to check colliding events easily.
3.Improved HTML Editing
Collaber Rich Editors are capable of providing best rich editing functions available in market. Improved Image dialog, Link dialog makes messaging very easy.
4.Keyboard short cuts
Lets forget the mouse for a while now, all Collaber actions can be performed using keyboard. You can even customize the actions if required.

5.Advanced Alerts
No more fast changing window alerts. Improved alerts solution makes it very user friendly.
6.Reminder support for Calendar Events
Add reminders and notifications which will be displayed to you on the present reminder time. Never miss an appointment from now.
7.Applications Store
Developers can develop any web application such as a website, social networking site, meeting tools etc... on Collaber platform. You can develop and submit your applications in our Application Store. Interested people can contact us at info@collaber.com.
8.Filters View
New filters view will enable filtering items using Tags, By Date, By Members, By Status and many more.

Collaber is a collaboration software which enables to share files, folders, pictures, tasks, database, notes, folders virtually with your teams. You can find the software at http://www.collaber.com . You can find the web version of Collaber at http://www.collaber.net
Go to http://www.collaber.com/forum and share your feedback with us and with others. Feel free to contact us at info@collaber.com
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Editor's notes: Rajesh Akkineni, CEO of Collaber is open for interviews.

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