Up to 60 per cent off in the Duvet and Pillow Warehouse Summer Sale

Online bedding retailer Duvet and Pillow Warehouse have slashed hundreds of prices of bedding products online in their summer sale.

Online PR News – 27-July-2009 – – July 2009 - Online bedding retailer Duvet and Pillow Warehouse have slashed hundreds of prices of bedding products online in their summer sale.

Throughout the summer visitors to the site can expect to see a wide range of bedding products at affordable prices on offer for customers to buy.

Whether it be luxury feather pillows or microfibre duvets and pillows Duvet and Pillow Warehouse have everything you need to make your home a comfort haven.

What to expect


At Duvet and Pillow Warehouse the team have slashed the prices on a wide range of duvets to suit all their customers’ wishes and needs.

From Mulberry Silk duvets to luxury Hungarian duvets, customers can expect to receive up to 50 per cent off all their duvets to ensure they get a good night’s sleep at an affordable price.

Their high quality duvets are generously filled, carefully stitched and evenly distributed to avoid lumps. And so you are sure that it is high quality we can promise that we don’t source our goose down from any old factory and they are in fact the genuine article.


Customers trust Duvet and Pillow Warehouse for all their bedding needs and queries. The team have dedicated their time to producing high quality bedding products as they know what makes a great pillow work for you.

They know they need to be exceptionally soft, lump-free and truly long lasting to meet your needs and requirements and make you a happy sleeper.

They have spent 15 years perfecting their products and truly believe that they know exactly what they are talking about.

Luxury feathered pillows ranging from Hungarian Goose down pillows to Memory Foam Pillows, the team have slashed the prices on many of their bedding pillows so you feel the true benefit of a good night’s sleep without it affecting your bank balance. In fact you can find bedding pillows at Duvet and Pillow Warehouse with a 60 per cent reduction and you should definitely visit the site today.

Mattress Toppers

During the current economical climate Duvet and Pillow Warehouse fully understand that people are struggling to come up with the cash to go on holiday or fill the car making decorating the last thing on the list.

Many people are looking at the bed and seeing they need a new one but know they cannot potentially afford a new mattress.

Others are struggling to sleep at night and need more comfort and support than what their mattress gives and are desperately looking for cheaper solutions to eliminate these problems.

At Duvet and Pillow Warehouse the team have created a range of memory foam mattress toppers which are a fraction of the price of a brand new mattress and provide just as good support for your body and bank balance.

A memory foam mattress topper or any other type of mattress topper simply fits over your existing mattress and provides extra comfort as well as protecting your mattress.

The team at Duvet and Pillow Warehouse know how important a good night’s sleep is and have taken 10 per cent of many of their mattress toppers so you save on sleep and money, a fantastic deal all round.

The team are not just a duvet and pillow manufacturer and distributor. They are keen to offer their customers continual support and advice on their products as well as impartial advice on bedroom furniture and bedding through their new blog. The blog informs customers about the world of duvets, pillows and mattresses and what is available for them to buy.

It also features a range a light-hearted articles and funny pictures of bedrooms and bedding products from around the globe. To view the blog click here.

For more information about their products and services visit the website today or contact the team on 0845 224 5183.

For more information visit: http://www.duvetandpillowwarehouse.co.uk

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