New Level of Transparency Reached with Release of New Rippln App

Announcing the much anticipated pre-release event for Rippln, a new social, mobile and gamification based app for eyeball acquisition

Online PR News – 12-April-2013 – Lilburn – Dallas, TX, April 11, 2013 -- Entrepreneur Brian Underwood is set to kick off the much talked about tech conference Playbook 2.0 in Dallas, Texas, this weekend, with a pre-release "sneak peek" for a chosen few at his latest endeavor, a top secret social, mobile and gamification enterprise that has been safely kept under wraps for nearly a year.

The event is sure to fuel the world-wide buzz about Underwood's new “Blue Ocean”concept company, Rippln, which includes the mysterious app set to release at the end of May. The app uses social-mobile engagement along with gamification to create a platform that is powered by people.

While this may not sound like anything radically new, the enabling technology and the incentivized sharing model that powers it are, allowing Rippln to provide unprecedented transparency for the user to see their impact in the market based on their social graph. This transparency is important because huge companies and apps in recent years have relied users’ social influence to grow their companies (as well as to provide their platform’s content). Until Rippln, the true effect of that influence has never been disclosed, although it is clearly valuable.

Brian Underwood’s Playbook Event 2.0 will feature billionaire speaker Sanjiv Sidhu, Founder and Chairman of i2 Technologies and o9 Solutions. It will also feature talks and workshops on Mobile Engagement, Gamification, and Incentivized Sharing Model.

February’s Playbook Event in La Jolla, CA attracted such speakers at Eytan Elbaz, co-creator of Google AdSense, and Founder & CEO of Mogl, Jon Carder, who recently inked a deal with Virgin America to power the airline’s dining rewards program.

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