Houston Company Launches First-of-Its-Kind Estate Planning & Organization Software – MyLifeBridge™

Software newcomer, Neal Ventures LLC, announced today the launch of
an all-age-friendly "plug and go" solution that enables anyone, regardless of computer skill level, to capture and organize all of their home, personal and financial information in one place.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Houston, TX – According to a 2012 survey from the renowned online legal service, Rocket Lawyer, almost three-quarters (71%)of adults under the age of 34 do not have a will - and 41% of aging Baby Boomers do not have one!If this data is true, what are the odds that they have not organized their important accounts, documents, key phone numbers and other personal information should something happen to them? MyLifeBridge™ estate planning software solves this problem by organizing all of this information in one place for that time when it’s needed. The secure, 2 gigabyte MyLifeBridge™ USB card can be updated at any time to store new accounts and information to reflect changes in your personal assets. In essence, MyLifeBridge™ grows as your personal wealth does.

It Started With a Spiral Notebook

MyLifeBridge™ software was conceived in 2011 by Owen Malbec, President of Neal Ventures LLC, but the concept began back in 1992 when Owen's father, Brian Malbec, wrote out a detailed plan in a spiral-bound notebook as a “road map” to key household and financial information for his wife and sons while he was terminally ill. “This act of selflessness in the face of his own mortality made my Dad's passing easier on my family while at the same time gave him comfort that his loved ones could still count on his wisdom and guidance," says Malbec.

The realization of how much this forethought meant to his family led Owen and his partners to develop a modern-day version of that notebook…MyLifeBridge™ estate planning and organization software. "Let’s face it, we are just not comfortable talking about aging, getting sick, needing assisted care, and especially — dying," says Malbec, adding, "You might be the most organized person in the world, but will those who depend on you know all of this information as well as you do after you are gone?"

Who Needs MyLifeBridge™?

• Military Families – Everyone needs to have their important documents in a safe place, and members of the military are no different — especially those who are about to deploy for an extended period of time.

• Growing Families – When children arrive, it's a great time to start organizing and recording important information. MyLifeBridge™ software allows you to update, edit and add new information as your assets grow.

• Changing Families – Once the children are on their own, it's time for a couple to enjoy each other. If they haven't done so before, now is a good opportunity to organize and document household and financial information, then talk to each other and/or a trusted advisor about how one will access the information needed when the other is no longer there.

• Financial Professionals – By adding MyLifeBridge™ estate organization and planning software as an extension of services when helping clients organize their affairs, financial professionals can empower their clients to plan for their future security while ensuring he/she will be there with them for the long term.


MyLifeBridge™ is built on an encrypted, menu-driven platform and allows users to:
• Securely store personal and household information in one location;
• Retrieve, update and print to share with loved ones and trusted advisors;
• Protect – your information cannot be copied onto another computer and no Internet access is required.

Additionally, the software offers additional benefits that money cannot buy - peace of mind and an opportunity to talk about the inevitable when it may not have been as easy before. "We believe that you will find that one of the best ways to figure out what to record in MyLifeBridge is to sit down with your spouse and do it together," Malbec says. "Ask each other these same questions, use the suggestions that we’ve pre-populated into the forms and make it as complete as possible," he adds. The software offers peace of mind knowing the information your spouse and family need is accessible and secure.

About MyLifeBridge™ Software

MyLifeBridge™ is a simple-to-use, yet robust and secure personal and estate organization software delivered to you on a high quality, encrypted, 2 gigabyte USB card. MyLifeBridge™ will sell for $39.99, shipping included. Bulk purchase discounts and personalization available. This self-contained application requires no internet access, no other software on the user’s computer needed and no special skills to use - simply plug it in and go!