Elainee Presley Gives a Bar Argument a Peaceful Turn

Elainee Presley, a budding singer, recently turned an unpleasant situation into an impressive one with her talent and her never-dying attitude of standing up for herself.

Online PR News – 12-April-2013 – Rhyl, UK - April 11th 2013 – Elainee Presley was having fun with her group of friends at one of the famous hangouts in the town on April 6th, Saturday, at about 7.30 PM. She was approached by a group of unidentified bullies, who tried to put her and her friends in a spot. Elainee, who is always accompanied by a 6.5” marine bodyguard, decided to take control of the situation by herself, before it could turn into an ugly argument. Eyewitnesses from the scene told us that Elainee, very smartly defended herself. She told them that she was there to have some fun and sing a song. They allowed her to sing, only to be left spell bound by her natural Presley singing.
Sources tell us that the thugs, who started off the bullying, ended up singing and applauding her performance. Her sheer talent to sing like Presley overturned the complete unrest. A witness said “She was fantastic; she completely turned the tables around. She is for sure a Presley”. It is unsure if she is a Presley (the King himself); however, if sources are to be believed her voice sang a whole different story.
A friend close to Elainee Presley said “She is no scrapper. She is a peace loving person who will defend her honor and never tolerate oppression of any kind”. She reminds us of Elvis Presley in his younger days.
She left the building soon after her performance to find a calmer place. She moved to another bar, only to spread her magic. It has been reported that she sang two more songs. She didn’t take much time to win the hearts of her audience there as well. She instantly attracted love, affection and praises for her natural talent to sing like the king.
Elainee started her singing career at a tender age of 5. She shot up to fame with her first single “I Love Christmas Day” in November 2011. All are welcome to visit her website http://www.elaineepresley.com to listen and buy her music. One can also find a whole lot of information about Elainee and her music on this site.
Elainee’s fans can now follow her on Twitter and Facebook as well.