Girl Scouts offers new religious awards

Girls can now earn awards in Girl Scouts based on their faith with the help of a faith leader or parent in their community. It also provides a short-term commitment option to the over 100 year old organization.

Online PR News – 12-April-2013 – Lafayette, La – Girl Scouts of Louisiana – Pines to the Gulf is now offering ways for girls to enter Girl Scouts and use the Girl Scout Law to build a deeper connection with their faith. Girls in grades K-12 can earn the new My Promise, My Faith Award. This is not the first religious recognition that has been offered by Girl Scouts, but this is a new award recently developed by Girl Scouts of the USA that uses lines from the Girl Scout Law, such as: I will do my best to be honest and fair, and relates them back to the teachings of their religion. Micki Blakeley, Program Director says, “Girls can earn this award developed by Girl Scouts of the USA. This award complements existing religious recognitions and allows girls to further strengthen the connection between their faith and Girl Scouts. A girl does this by carefully examining the Girl Scout Law and directly tying it to the tenets of her faith.”
One thing that differentiates this award from those of the past is time commitment. Traditionally girls joined Girl Scouts and were assigned to a troop that might meet once a week or more. Girl Scouts of Louisiana – Pines to the Gulf is offering a new flexible pathway for girls that might not have that much time in their busy schedules. Girls in grades K-5 can attend the My Promise, My Faith Kickoff Event to meet up with other girls that are time constricted, but who also have a desire to explore their faith more intensely and do so in a safe, all-girl environment. They can now participate in Girl Scouts through their faith and tie the same values that Girl Scouts has given girls for over 100 years back to the values they learn in their places of worship. Girl Scouts of Louisiana – Pines to the Gulf is working in conjunction with local churches, and religious establishments to deliver these kickoff events. The religious teachings in the program will be delivered by volunteers from within the girls’ faith. The events are free to attend and will last approximately 2 hours. At which time, girls will have the option to register as members of Girl Scouts and participate in 6-8 sessions focused on building a deeper connection with their faith through the Girl Scout Law. For more information on how to attend or participate call 1-800-960-2093 or visit