Accent RAR Password Recovery 2.3: More Functions, More Features

We just updated Accent RAR Password Recovery, a high-speed solution for recovering lost RAR archive passwords. Now the application supports NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX Titan and Tesla K20/K20X video cards. We also added a Password Mutation Rules Editor.

Online PR News – 12-April-2013 – St.Petersburg – Fast password search is the key feature of Accent RAR Password Recovery. The purpose of all improvements to the application is to make password recovery even faster. We added some new things, too.

Support for the NVIDIA Kepler GK110 Architecture
NVIDIA’s new hardware architecture is amazing, and the GeForce GTX Titan video cards are very good for GPU-accelerated password recovery. We proved that by implementing support for the new architecture in Accent RAR Password Recovery 2.3.

Our application is fully compatible with NVIDIA Kepler GK110 based hardware. RAR archive password search is very fast when using the GeForce GTX Titan, Tesla K20, or Tesla K20X video cards.

Password Mutation Rules Editor
Users still commonly create passwords by combining or transforming some favorite words and phrases, such as memorable dates, names of their loved ones, pet names, or events. So a dictionary-based attack is still among the fastest ways to recover a lost password.

When doing a dictionary-based attack, Accent RAR Password Recovery can mutate dictionary passwords by following the rules defined by the user.

To let you easily define rules, we added a Rules Editor to the new version of our application.

When you are creating or editing rules, you can see the mutated words in the Rules Editor. By using the Rules Editor to define password mutation rules for dictionary-based attacks, you can get much better results when searching for RAR passwords.

About the NVIDIA Kepler GK110 Architecture
GK110 Kepler is NVIDIA’s premium GPU. Initially used in the professional Tesla video cards, now it is also available in the general-purpose GeForce GTX Titan video cards.

Kepler GK110 has an improved integer calculation logic and a higher performance when processing double-precision floating-point numbers. Compared to the earlier hardware architectures, all these improvements in GK110 proved to be good for password recovery—now password search can be several times faster!

About Dictionary-Based Attacks
A dictionary is a plain text file that contains a ready-made word list. The list may contain names of people, superhero names, pet names, common words, or phrases. What is important, there may be the lost password among these words.

A dictionary-based attack means that a password-searching application such as Accent RAR Password Recovery reads words one by one from the dictionary (a text file) and checks whether it’s the password. If that’s not the password, the next word is checked, and so on, until the end of the dictionary.

About Us
Passcovery Co. Ltd. is a supplier of high-speed professional password recovery solutions, including solutions specially tailored to deliver top performance on AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. We first released our software in 1999; today our solutions are used by law enforcement, governments and corporations, as well as by home users around the world.

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