PadFone Infinity Pre-Order Service Now Available

PadFone Infinity Pre-Order Service Now Available

Online PR News – 12-April-2013 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – PadFone Infinity pre-order service is now available in anticipation on the release of Asus PadFone in April. Asus Padfone Infinity is the future of a tablet and a phone. The phone comes with 9.22 mm thick Smartphone with a stunning resolution. The PadFone Infinity showcases a Snapdragon S4, 4.3” Super AMOLED quality HD display and 8MP camera equipped with LED flash. Also, the phone is made with internal capacity storage of 16-64 GB plus a micro SD slot. Everyone can also enjoy the custom features of a Smartphone including 4.0 Bluetooth, GPS, and HDMI.

The 5 Inch Smartphone will become a 10.1 Inch tablet when docked to the PadFone Infinity station. The whole package will be released this coming April for the price of 999 Euros. Definitely the PadFone Infinity is the first device in the market that features a tablet and a phone in one device. The phone’s appearance is not so much different with iPhone 5, but it is a bit longer and wider. The buttons of the phone were designed to deliver ease of use. The battery of PadFone infinity is really amazing and can last for long duration.

The tablet of the Pad where the phone is inserted can be handled with incredible speed. The Pad screen delivers responsive screens that allow its user effortlessly navigate widgets, app screens, and menus. It has a dock for a detachable keyboard and a stylus. Definitely Asus is one of the world’s leading providers of Software digital device and world class structure for technical supports. It is expected that the release of PadFone Infinity will bring huge change in the digital industry. What’s more fun about the PadFone Infinity is its ability to connect and sync information to other devices. The device is built with a new Android OS that allow its users to switch efficiently between each application.

Signing up the email address at this website will give each customer the advantage to get notification and information when the device was released in the market. At customers can read the review about PadFone Infinity. The website greatly explains all the details about the PadFone Infinity.

One of the customer that signed up to the PadFone Infinity Pre-Order Service said, “It’s gorgeous by itself and I think that people will only consider is a bundle which I think would hurts it’s sales. Otherwise, it’s gorgeous and Asus is known for producing great products”.

The website greatly explains all the details about PadFone Infinity. For more information about PadFone Infinity Pre-Order Service log on to and sign up an email to receive notifications when the phone was released.

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