New Novel Tracks Fictional Drug Dealers in Cincinnati

Hitchcock Brown is a private investigator. In Two Thursdays, the Chief of police asks him for his help routing out a major drug problem in Cincinnati. Its a problem which may involve members of his own department. They both learn it involves a lot more than that.

Online PR News – 12-April-2013 – CINCINNATI, Ohio – CINCINNATI, Ohio (March 30, 2013) - The new novel “Two Thursdays” by
C. Martin Stepp explores a fictional underground of drug dealers, thugs, informants and crooked cops in what is otherwise known as a fairly tame Midwestern city. This humorous detective novel outlines the progress of private investigator Hitchcock Brown. Brown is recruited for this task by his good friend, the Cincinnati Chief of Police, Derrick C. Guildford.
At the beginning of the story, Guildford finds himself in an unusual situation. One of his detectives has been “set up” by a cadre of bad actors within his own department. One of the few men in his department that he can trust has now been compromised. The unnamed detective is under investigation by Internal Affairs. Against his better judgment, Guildford enlists the aid of his friend, former prosecuting attorney, Hitchcock Brown. Chief Guildford is concerned about Brown’s “unconventional” tactics, but at this point, he is out of options.
“I wanted to try a new approach to telling a detective story,” says author Stepp. “Unusual and unexpected things happen in everyday life. Why shouldn’t that apply to a detective novel?”
The book navigates some interesting twists and turns as Brown uncovers links to arms dealers, rock bands and crooked cops. Brown himself is forced to go undercover, posing as an incompetent record producer. Chief Guildford has to fight his own instincts just to keep Brown on the case.
By the end of the book, Brown and Guildford have employed a cast of unlikely characters, including seedy police informants, the DEA, a crooked cop and a roadie for a rock band that everybody calls “Knucklehead.” What originally seems like a collection of unrelated events comes together in a dramatic climax. “Two Thursdays” is the follow-up novel to “Walking Backwards” which introduces Brown and his friend Guildford.