Beats-um-all Featured at Small Business Expo

Beats-um-all Car Products will be featured at the $hop $mart with Small Business Expo on Sunday, April 14 in Powell, TN

Online PR News – 12-April-2013 – Powell, TN – Beats-um-all, the car products of champions, will be featuring their fine line of products at one of the most important venues in America. Small business owners are the lifeline of the US economy and Beats-um-all is proud to be counted among their numbers.

Night Moon Productions is presenting $hop $mart with Small Business Event because small business is so crucial right now to reviving our economy. More people are starting their own businesses each and every day. Trying their best to make and provide quality products and services you need and want. Beats-um-all has been a proud entrepreneurship for 47 years.

The event will also feature Knoxville's celebrity, Jennifer Alexander, the popular midday host of WJXB-FM, better known as B97.5 in Knoxville, and Joe Moore, author of the popular novels Faith, Hope & Reindeer and Believe Again, The North Pole Chronicles who will be doing a book signing at the event.

The expo will take place on Sunday, April 14, 2013 in Powell at 1904 W. Emory Road next to BoJangle's in the Frightworks parking lot from 12 Noon until 5pm.

Multiple other small businesses will be showing their products at this event. Since small businesses are so important to all of us, the community should stop by, say hello and do a little shopping to support their efforts.

Rob Peters of the First Generation Monte Carlo Club said about Beats-um-all, “I am a huge supporter of Beats-um-all products. I have been using this on my car for quite a few years, as have many of our other members. I use it on my chrome, paint and items in my engine compartment. My wife and I both use the metal polish on not only my Monte Carlo but also here around the house. I have also used...Carnauba car wax, car wash, Rub Out and Ultimate Detailer. I would be willing to give you any endorsement you want...or need.” Thanks Rob, you just did.

Can't make it to Powell? Well there is no reason you can't get the product of champions for your own car and home. Beats-um-all is now proud to announce that it has a store on Amazon. For the first time in its nearly 50 year history, Beats-um-all has gone retail! Now available as single products or full kits, this former secret weapon to car show champions and racing enthusiasts alike has finally made their products available to everyone. Buy the complete line of Beats-um-all products at Amazon under the Automotive category.

Beats-um-all Car Products has special buys celebrating their debut on Amazon on both their Amazon Store and their website at From bumper-to-bumper on your car and ceiling-to-floors in your home, Beats-um-all has a product that will protect and return the luster, shine and suppleness of everything from stainless steel appliances, wood, vinyl and leather, to bathroom surfaces and mirrors.

Visit our website to learn more about these remarkable products, and stop by and visit Beats-um-all at $hop $mart with Small Business and come get the very best products to protect your most, or second most valuable possession, your car. Beats-um-all will have even more special show deals and specials not available on their Amazon store. To learn more about their products and kits, visit them at

And for more on this wonderful event, visit for details and to learn more about the small businesses represented.