Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) training for business and leadership training

Los Angeles, 5th April 2013: Synergy Insights Institute offers international training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).

Online PR News – 13-April-2013 – Paris – Los Angeles, 5th April 2013: Synergy Insights Institute offers international training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). NLP is a method of training one’s mind to not react to certain situations in counterproductive ways and teaches how to optimize such reactions for leading happy and fulfilling lives. They also provide seminars and coaching for business success and to impart leadership qualities to its students. The institute is certified by the Society of NLP, the organization that supervises quality standards for NLP training. Upon completion of a course the trainees receive an internationally valid certification signed by none other than Richard Bandler himself, the co-creator of the concept of NLP.

About Synergy Insights and their courses

Synergy Insight’s main office is located in Paris, France. In the US, they have offices in Los Angeles, California. Main courses offered are NLP Practitioner Training, NLP Master Practitioner Training, Sales and Marketing for Coaches and Leadership Training. Courses are scheduled many times a year in Paris and Los Angeles. Not only do you receive a particular training, you may also retake you course, in case you deem it necessary, at no extra cost. You also get access to the graduate network and receive invitations to networking events where you may foster friendship and business contacts with like-minded people. You also get discounts on certain seminars and discounted rates for individual coaching if you require training in some specific area. Last but not least, their Graduate Support Program helps you in your journey of continuous learning. It entitles you to stay connected with the trainers for as long as you wish, therefore they provide a provision to stay motivated, positive and achieve your goals.

Caroline Thay is the founder and chief trainer at Synergy Insights Institute. She grew up in France and later moved to the US where she’s been for more than a decade now. She has over 8 years of international business experience and has worked for a number of Fortune 500 companies, such as Wal-Mart and RadioShack. Romi Stepovich is the program coordinator and based in the Los Angeles office.

“Her method is specifically designed according to our personality and aims, among other things to reach the best in ourselves.I have decided to be trained and coached by Caroline Thay for long-term goals.” says Touve R.Ratovondrahety, a musician.
“I've always admired Caroline's energy, enthusiasm, and hardworking ethic. She is also very talented in many ways and has a keen heart for helping and developing herself and others for career development and advancement through training.” Says Anne Drewry - Global Assignments Manager Asia, Wal-Mart Stores

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