Chalksy Release a New Platform to Teach and Learn.

Chalksy Ltd have released an education platform to make e-learning a rewarding and accessible pastime. The new company connects students and teachers to participate in live and interactive sessions and is scheduled for full launch in May 2013.

Online PR News – 13-April-2013 – London – Chalksy have created an open marketplace to simplify and popularise education for online users. The platform sees students and teachers trade in live lessons and courses, offering another route to learning and teaching that is open to anyone with internet access. As many people require legitimate ways to generate income and others seek to develop their skill sets in order to further their development, Chalksy hopes to marry both needs with an international marketplace for instructors and learns to connect.

Chalksy works to a simple framework - first a teacher lists a lesson or course to a curriculum of their own design and decides upon an appropriate pricing, this allows learners to read through, make any enquiries and then purchase the tuition straight away. Once bought the two parties agree a schedule for the lesson(s) which happen via a video platform over the Internet.

Offering a different approach to linking the connectivity of the online world with education, Chalksy’s elementary interface, strong community ethos and open doors marketplace highlight that this site has been deigned with everyone in mind. Users of the site do not have to spend a single penny to sign up, browse the classroom and make preliminary enquires into specific listings. Unlike existing e-learning sites Chalksy’s focus is on live, interactive learning and moves away from uploaded video content that users must pay to access. The amount of subjects available to teach and learn are unlimited, equally unrestricted are the prices one can choose to pay for instruction.

Learning freedom is paralleled in teaching autonomy, the red tape routinely associated with teaching in the form of - lesson plans, assessment codes, education inspectors and school rankings all squash the levels of creativity teachers can exercise. By contrast Chalksy ask for enthusiastic and inspired tutors to drive stimulating and interactive sessions that induce a shared happiness.

Phil Cook, who is CEO of Chalksy has studied languages and business at standard, further and higher education levels. A victim of the bored syndrome caused by standardised education, Mr. Cook decided to provide his own solution to the problem and started Chalksy in 2012. Originally with the aim of re-inspiring learners through one-to-one interaction, Mr. Cook soon noticed there was an opportunity too reinvigorate teachers by providing a micro space for imaginative and challenging interaction. Previously experienced in internet commerce, Mr. Cook designed and developed a new virtual classroom called Chalksy.

Cook pointed out that his design was to work for everyone, interested and experienced in traditional academic subjects or not - Chalksy is for the person with the passion, time and zeal to explore their focus with others. Mr. Cook also wants everyone who visits his site to enjoy their experience and that is why Chalksy have established a clear mandate to interact with their users as every juncture. This is why Chalksy’s mascot, newsletters and interface are all directly created, or heavily influenced by it’s subsribers, a guarantee to satisfy Chalksy stakeholders.

Chalksy’s full site launch is scheduled for May 2013, teachers and subscribers can register now at