Revolutionary teeth straightening concept is made available to the UK Public

I Love Straight Teeth, London's most innovative accelerated braces provider offers patients revolutionary teeth straightening options

Online PR News – 12-April-2013 – London – London, United Kingdom, April 2013 - One of the first things we notice when we meet someone is their smile. A recent survey conducted on Facebook by 'I Love Straight Teeth' demonstrated that 127 out of the 170 participants would like to have a natural visible straighter smile in 6 months; with 43 people seeking absolute perfection of tooth positioning to the millimetre after two years and extraction.

According to the clinical director and founder, Dr. Aalok Y Shukla, there is a growing demand for rapid teeth straightening treatments among adults. British celebrities such as Emma Watson and Kate Middleton are rumoured to have tried them. Whether invisible (placed behind the teeth) or discreet and removable they are perfect for adults who want to look better and be healthier without noticeable interference in their daily life.

"As opposed to traditional braces, with accelerated braces there is no intention to change the bite (how the back of the teeth meet) but focus on straightening the front teeth. Cosmetic orthodontics are perfect solutions for adults with tooth gaps, crooked or overlapping teeth. By using an accelerated brace we can place gentle forces on the front teeth to be moved and allow them to be straightened quickly, usually with a treatment being completed in under 6 months," explained Dr Shukla.

The open day being held at the London based studio, on the 20th of April 2013, is an opportunity for those who are not sure about their options to come and visit the practice, meet the team, hear from patients who have had their teeth straightened at I Love Straight Teeth and have a free smile assessment.

Ten exclusive sponsored straight teeth packages will be available on the day. Interested parties can register at:



Dr Aalok Y Shukla, Clinical director
020 8788 8588

Dr Shukla has put together a series of videos, articles, and free guides to explain the different options available - before inviting clients for a free consultation. For busy professionals, Dr Shukla is offering free virtual consultations so that he can pre-assess their smiles from photographs and let them know if they are suitable for this revolutionary treatment before they come for a more in depth examination.