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04/12/2013, the online magazine on the internet marketing strategy is now established in assisting companies with services in customer relations and acquisition.

Online PR News – 12-April-2013 – Hamburg – Place, April 10, 2013: Good service means good business; this is what makes kundenzufriedenheit ineluctable for a business. Although there are many other factors that determine the growth of a company, primary factor is always customer satisfaction. It is when the customer is satisfied; the company makes more sales and makes more profit. And also, for a business to grow it must bring to it, new customers. The process of bringing in prospective customers into your business is known as kundengewinnung or customer acquisition in English. Customer Acquisition can be hard if the company does not have a good name in the market. This sort of brand value is created by good kundenbindung. Customer retention means retaining your existing customers by giving them good services and making them loyal to the brand.

In the present scenario where there is recession all over the world and markets hitting rock bottom, its hard time for companies to keep a balance between customer relation and making profit. May it be an online or offline venture, customer relation requires a substantial amount of investment in labour, stargazing, marketing and research. So when the markets are down, the companies tries to cut down their costs by curbing investments in customer related issues, and eventually it results in poor kundenbindung. Thus, the business loses its brand value and fail. This has been the story of many internet companies who had been thriving in the poor market conditions. Many failed to meet the balance lost their sheen., the online magazine on the internet marketing strategy is now established in assisting companies with services in customer relations and acquisition. There are two main positive aspects about this company – cheap service and the new traffic prism technique, which guarantees more traffic. The traffic prism explains 24 methods on mehr traffic in a site. It also includes guidelines for launching website, choose keywords and various strategies for selling the product. The company thereby ensures that kundenzufriedenheit is not rocket science anymore. With record mehr traffic, it now ensures quality service for the users.

On contacting the spokesperson of, he said “The recently released traffic prism technique, introduced by our developer and founder Knoof Tobias has seen significant market success globally. We are extremely happy to announce that we have made it into the prestigious Alexa rankings within two years of getting into the market. We have been successful in maintaining good customer relations for internet companies such as GD business & lifestyle, impulse,, etc. Our fully automated cloud computing operational nature puts us in front in terms of customer satisfaction”.

In short, offers the best solution for all those internet entrepreneurs who are thriving in the hostile market situation. With cheap and effective service using prism technique, it is now possible for companies to attain new heights in kundengewinnung and customer retention. Quality of work is evident from the fact that, the service provider is in the list of Alexa ranking table. It is a marvellous achievement for a company that was started a few years ago. It is a mark of trust.

For those who are interested, visit the official website It has all the necessary guidelines.

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