Scriptmatix Ltd Presents The Best-Selling Penny Auction Script On The Market

A plethora of features allows users to create new auctions within seconds.

Online PR News – 11-April-2013 – Faversham/Kent – Scriptmatix Ltd offers auction software that is an one-stop turnkey solution to start a penny auction business. The auction software has multiple auction types, eight payment gateways, test bidding included and a multi language and multi currency format. Available with the offer is also the one-on-one support to all clients.

Online penny auctions are gaining in popularity these days. The dangling carrot for players is quality merchandize at ridiculously low prices.

The three fundamental motivating forces for penny auction players are:

• The thrill of getting something for nothing
• Getting a bargain deal
• Getting something that you normally cannot afford

Herein lays the magic that compels many to start a penny auction business. The trick lies in persuading a large number of people to channel the above forces into Penny Auction at a ridiculously low cost, but in adequately large numbers to generate huge revenues that far exceed the investment made on goods sold on auction.

It is true that in a penny auction bidders get only the right to bid for the item without a guarantee for any product in return. However, for the players, the thrill to gamble is too tempting.

All the same concerns remain.

As one seasoned player put it, “We must lookout for dicey companies. The business must not have false accreditation, must not offer free trials in exchange for your credit card number and/or personal information, or ask you to pay by check or money order.”

The penny auction business must also have a good follow-up service and appropriate return policies.

Fortunately, Penny Auction Script by Scriptmatix Ltd is dependable in all respects and has a lot of features that are lacking in penny auction solutions provided by “not so genuine” companies peddling out-of-date software.

A key feature of PhpPennyAuction, the penny auction software by Scriptmatix Ltd, is the free support provided to users for all their products.

Other key benefits of the software are simple installation, full WYSIWYG Editor, automated testing, 99% open source code, and the ability to allow users to customize auctions.

There is no doubt a penny auction business is highly lucrative. As per dependable sources, an auctioneer collects average revenue that exceeds 150% of the value of the auctioned item.

There isn’t any lean time either, as consumers will more often than not and sustain their gambling spending even if economic conditions get worse.

The software is available in three formats, which are Standard, Premium, and Professional.

Now, there is no need for penny auction script buyers to look for expensive and undependable software.

PhpPennyAuction appears to be a perfect penny auction solution to run a home-based or an office-based business.

Those desirous of knowing more about PhpPennyAuction can contact Scriptmatix Ltd at:

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Faversham, Kent
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