Abaqus, your specialist in employee tracking and workforce planning

Abaqus Inc. brings cloud-hosted Mobile Resource Management; Employee Tracking and location based services featuring Geo tagged SMS and IVR Capability. No new device or investment required.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Palo Alto,california – Abaqus is a leading provider of cloud-hosted location-based platforms that enable high quality, low cost mobile workforce and asset management solutions. Abaqus delivers cloud-hosted machine-to-machine platform and a suite of mobile applications and services that make it possible for companies to track employees, achieve business goals, improve their assets, resources, productivity and ROI. Abaqus also provides custom implementations on a wide array of platforms tailormade for a company's requirements.

Abaqus's cloud-based location and messaging platform, myGeoTracking application enables service industries to send SMSes over a variety of platforms, email, website and paging, thereby enhancing real-time communications and generating awareness. Some of the service industries that can benefit from cloud location and messaging services are healthcare, manufacturing, public sector and construction enterprises can make use of the high-volume messaging service.
Through the myGeoTracking platform, Abaqus is enabling businesses on the go to track employees, mobile assets, help them do real-time optimization thereby streamlining operations and boosting revenue from their dashboard.

Mobile employee tracking and workforce planning are the building blocks of a business. Abaqus's myGeoTracking application enables managers to increase response time, manage the company resources more efficiently, increase the level of productivity, provides a platform for benchmarking and generates improvement. your mobile workforce.

Abaqus's myGeoTracking services can work on any standard phone to send location and event information and complies with USPS location standards. In addition to the on-demand and scheduled location and status reporting, a unique location-enhanced SMS feature also allows mobile workers actively to send a date, time and GPS location status message.

Abaqus’ s myGeoTracking solution also meets the USPS’ demanding location service requirements for transportation companies carrying USPS freight. Through a cloud-based solution, the myGeoTracking service locates existing cell phones in the area. The myGeoTracking solution is completely web-based and does not require GPS devices, special phones or any software. The service also provides mobile management applications for iPhone and Android devices which lets managers continue to manage their assets and field resources when they are away from their office.

Even though a variety a variety of Location Based Services are available to enterprises to help them improve their field operations and make more informed business decisions, Abaqus provides cost-effective, hassle free solutions that can be easily integrated into a company’s mobile workflow requirements on a day-to-day basis. For a comprehensive solution for all types of mobile work, Abaqus provides solutions fit for all enterprises. Abaqus helps you improve productivity, reducing work cycle by providing an accurate, reliable data for staff.

Abaqus's mobile employee tracking and workforce planning services can be applied to a broad spectrum of companies such as field services firms and trucking firms. Abaqus's myGeoTracking platform is a unique application that enables mobile asset and in-depth personnel management through cloud-based technology which works on the web and across most mobile phones.