Rising Gold Price Hits 5-Month High Sellers Responding

Cash For Gold News

Online PR News – 21-May-2010 – – Phoenix, Az, May 15th -- The general trend of the spot market price for gold has been to inch upward over the past several months. Today, it closed at $1,183.30, the highest it’s been since last December 3rd. Most commodities experts are predicting that gold will soon pass the $1,200/ounce mark. Interestingly enough, Cash for Gold Co statistics about sellers follow the price rise quite closely, suggesting that many people with gold to sell are watching the daily price for peaks.

According to Joe Montes, president, “We keep pretty close tabs on how our customers respond to changes in the market price of precious metals. And while many factors affect sellers, news about a significant price increase or new record high always seems to bring a peak in seller activity.”

Montes added, “The spot market price of gold has short upward and downward spikes during any trading day. However, if graphed over the long term, it can easily be seen that the price has had a relatively steady upward trend all year. It’s interesting to note that even as the first signs of the recession ending become apparent, precious metals have remained upwardly mobile. We take this as an indication that most Main Street Americans have felt little confidence in or effect from any improvements in the country’s financial state.”

Cash for Gold Co is a leading Internet buyer of gold, platinum and silver of any type, condition, age or place of manufacture. The company receives every conceivable type of precious metal from sellers on a daily basis as more and more people dig through their jewelry boxes, dresser drawers and even bank deposit boxes to assemble property that can be turned into fast cash.

Cash for Gold Co pays “the highest-possible percentage of actual market value of a seller’s property as determined by assay and the spot market price at that time.” Sellers receive their payouts either by company check or, if they prefer, by direct deposit to their PayPal accounts. Sellers are invited to visit the Cash for Gold Co website at http://www.cashforgoldco.com where they will find detailed information on how the company works, how their property is valued and much more. Once on site, they can request a FREE SECUREPAK™ mailing envelope which features both pre-paid postage and pre-paid insurance coverage of up to $1,000 per envelope. This assures that sellers can feel completely secure about the safety of their valuable items while they are in transit to the company’s facility.

Joe Montes