SIGLENT Oscilloscope: Wide LCD Screen Brings New View

Compared with the traditional oscilloscope, 7 inches (8*18 div) screen of SIGLENT oscilloscope can display more 50% waveforms under same timebase.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Shenzhen, China – SIGLENT launched SDS1000CML/CNL/DL 3 series, 10 models one time, regardless of bandwidth, sample rate, or memory depth enriches the user's selection, so users can enjoy widescreen in various demand and bring the extraordinary experience, so that make every engineer analysis measurements more easier and more effective than ever!

SDS1000CML/CNL/DL 3 series 10 models fully opened the widescreen era of the oscilloscope.

Greatly increased the quantity of the waveform and the ability to show part details, whether the overall or detail that have excellent visual experience effect.

Excellent signal observation ability

SIGLENT widescreen series use the bright, clear 480×234 dot matrix resolution 7-inch TFT-LCD, no angle limitation; from any angle you can clearly observe waveforms. 8×18 div waves-shows that have wider signal range of observation.

Single key MENU ON/OFF can be seen in the larger display area, see more signal information. Different from traditional oscilloscope fixed menu bar, select to close menu, can increase closer to 20% single waveform display area.

Window extensions, taking account of overall signal and signal details.

Window extensions means, we can extend one waveform display from part of the overall waveform, can both observe details and obverse overall waveform, which greatly facilitates users to observe and analysis waveform. As shown in the figure on the right, we are free to set extended range, extend intense wave partially, whether the overall situation of a large waveform, or waveform comparison of a few cycles, or details of a cycle show. Windows extensions can meet all of your needs.

Strong analysis and measurement function.

SDS1000CML/CNL/DL not only have the excellent visual observation, but also have the powerful analysis and measurement functions.

1. 3 trigger modes:Auto,Normal,Single;5 trigger types : Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope and Alternative;
2. 32 types auto-measurements, 3 modes : Voltage, Time, Delay;
3. Math operation :+ ,- ,* ,/ ,FFT;
4. Unique digital filter function and waveform recorder function;
5. High pass, Low pass, Band pass, Band stop; Strong digital filter function;
6. 6 digits accurate frequency counter, real time counting display;
7. 20 groups' waveform and setting save units, support bitmap and CSV save.

More functions:
Waveform recorder
When you need a period of time the signal is recorded and analyzed, the device can continuously record long time data, stored waveform data with the frame, continuous storage up to 2500 frames. Frame time interval can be set to minimum 1ms, maximum 1000s. And supports the waveform continuous playback function, or observation of any one frame, easily identify noise or anomalies. Oscilloscope can also save waveform to internal memory or an external memory (USB dish).

PASS/FAIL comparison judge
Signal detection of the production lines are often the same kind of signal judge, in order to determine the products if the quality (signal compliance) is passed or not. SIGLENT oscilloscope can automatically compare signal acquisition with pre-stored signal template, which simply judge signal qualified or not, reduce personal judgment errors and faster.

Self calibration
The self calibration function can used for horizontal, vertical and trigger system of oscilloscope. The use of self calibration can make the equipment work in the best measurement accuracy; effectively correct the measuring error because of time or environmental changes.

A variety of interfaces
SIGLENT oscilloscopes provide you a variety of interfaces for your choice.

USB HOST can store a graphic file (BMP bitmap format, CSV files) on the USB flash drive, or directly use the PRINTkey to store screen image (BMP) or waveform data (CSV) on the USB drive.

RS232C and USB device is used on the computer telecommunication system, so that control the instrument and transfer waveform data.

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