Deployed Soldier Returns to Recruiting Duty and Writes Military Recruiter's Creed

Staff Sergeant Joseph Brito returns to recruiting duty and writes a new and only Military Recruiter's Creed.

Online PR News – 10-April-2013 – Los Alamitos, CA – Staff Sergeant Joseph Brito, an active member of the California Army National Guard, returns to recruiting duty and writes a new (and only) Military Recruiter's Creed.

Staff Sergeant Brito has been in the news a few years back when he held a one-man vigil for the 30 US Troops when the US Chinook helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan in August 2011. He was eventually joined by about 20 passersby and citizens who felt compelled to join him in his vigil. Staff SGT Brito continues to show this dedication and compassion which is evident in his Military Recruiter's Creed.

Staff Sergeant Joseph Brito takes great pride in providing extraordinary customer service to those young men and women who wish to serve in the California Army National Guard. As he puts it, "I feel if a young man or woman come to my office and want to serve their country, they should be afforded the utmost respect, dedication and professionalism."

In his website, Staff SGT. Brito, also known as Staff Sergeant "B", gives thorough information for those who are thinking about joining the military. One of the most important factors to consider as he mentioned is finding a recruiter who will ensure you'll have a thorough understanding of military life. He emphasizes that processing for military service requires a recruiter who acts as a mentor and guide to assist an individual in navigating the enlistment process and he leads by example.

As one commenter says in his YouTube channel, "SSGT Brito was one of my best supporters while I went through the enlistment process for the California Army National Guard. Though medically disqualified due to an undetected illness, throughout the whole process, he treated me as if I were already a soldier." - jaynkaren96. The commenter also adds, "To be part of this country's fine military is an honor and blessing. One should be proud of their decision regardless of what the masses think."

IGuardCalifornia website provides valuable information and articles on what you need to know before joining the National Guard. As stated in the website disclaimer, IGuardCalifornia is not officially endorsed by the National Guard but a private informational web presence owned and monitored by California Army National Guard recruiter Staff Sergeant Joseph Brito. His YouTube channel, on the other hand, shows videos about basic training, military recruiter tips, and all things military from a real military recruiter.

For more information about becoming a citizen soldier or to join the California Army National Guard visit or call Staff Sergeant Brito at 562 900-0575

About The Author of Military Recruiter's Creed

Joseph Brito is a Staff Sergeant in the National Guard and currently assigned as a military recruiter in Southern CA. Staff SGT Brito is the author of The Military Recruiters Creed. He is a top NPS recruiter in 2006, an active US Army vet, and Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) vet. He is a veteran of thirteen years of both the US Army and Army National Guard.

The Military Recruiter's Creed

I will at all times recognize that as a military recruiter, I am an ambassador to the community I serve and a representative of my military organization. I will forever set the example to my peers and recruits alike. Respect, duty, commitment and diligence are my watchwords and I will strive to exhibit these qualities in my every action and deed.

I am charged with filling the ranks of my country's Armed Forces with qualified and motivated men and women. I will remain steadfast in duty and morally sound in judgement to accomplish the mission that my country has set before me.

I will remain competent, aware of all policies, procedures and incentives so that I may allow the benefit of my expertise to be focused on my applicant.

Never will I forget that the applicant sitting in front of me does so of his own free will; the applicant can choose to serve or not without fear of ridicule or coercion.

I will never allow personal gain or benefit to influence my decisions toward civilians, applicants or recruits.

Though I may at times encounter adversity from others, I will adhere to the highest standards of leadership and honor and never show disrespect to anyone because of difference of opinion.

My command expects me to fulfill the requirements of my post with integrity and vigor. I will demonstrate to them that I am a well trained, competent and motivated Recruiting Non-Commissioned Officer worthy of their trust.

I will at all times keep in the forefront of my mind that my actions and attitudes are a direct reflection of my unit, its officers and leaders, and ultimately my branch of service. Never will I bring discredit or shame to them or myself.

Though I may perform my duties without direct supervision, I will strive to set the example and demonstrate that I am a professional and can be counted on to give one hundred percent and then some.

I am a dedicated, trustworthy, knowledgeable military professional and warrior.

I am a Military Recruiter.

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